So, Liverpool Football Club lost an FA Cup Final. 

Now due to this, the angst turns towards a cluster of players, the player selection and the demise of the club itself.

How fickle supporters have become since we have fallen from our pedestal.

Downing is crap, Henderson is worse, Spearing is now public enemy number one and all of those people who slated Andy Carroll for being inept and begging for him to be sold back to Newcastle in exchange for their ten game wonder Cisse or the now quiet Ba, are claiming he should have started today. 

Well, should have Andy Carroll have started today, would Liverpool have ? 

Are we now saying that Liverpool are a one man team and they only play when Carroll is on the pitch ?

I felt that the team that started was a good enough side to beat Chelsea. I was wrong. But it happens. 

Many players over the years have froze or just not performed in an FA Cup Final. It didn't make them bad players, they just did not perform on that big day. Instead of slating the aforementioned players, why has nobody questioned the performances of Reina and Gerrard ?

A keeper at fault for the first and made no significant attempt at the second. Gerrard who faffed about doing generally nothing and having no impact on the game whatsoever. Oh hold on, they are loved ones of Liverpool Football Club, whereas Downing, Henderson etc are still trying to gain the favour of the fans.

I cannot recall anyone putting down Skrtel for messing up with Drogba for the second, just Spearing getting made to look a mug by Lampard. Now forgive me if I am wrong, but hasn't Lampard made a mug out of many players over the years, so no real shame in that. But Spearing isn't a fans favourite, so he got pummelled for being made to look daft.

So now Andy Carroll is the new messiah, worth his 35 million pounds and some even saying he is a must for England in the forthcoming Euros. Talk about fickleness.

Carroll changed things, now doubt about that, but wasn't that team set up for Gerrard to support Suarez and give the oh so wonderful Stevie G the run of Wembley in a roving role. What the whole of Liverpool and England say he should have. He roved around our back four and played more square passes than Ray Wilkins on a good day.When he went forward he was poor and put in a shocking dive at one point.

Chelsea won a cup final by not really moving out of second gear. They didn't dominate the play, as I expected, but played a comfortable game. And until the final 30 minutes had no concerns whatsoever.

But that 30 minutes very nearly brought about an extra 30 minutes.

I still feel an equaliser was denied, by the officials. Supposedly if it can't be guaranteed by the officials that the ball crossed the line, then they cannot give it. So in hindsight, due to the difficulty in the split second nature of the game, the officials may have had a point in not giving the goal. Though I must say that Chelsea must be happy with some decisions at that end of Wembley these last three weeks. And maybe we will hear the last of the ghost goal of Luis Garcia, when they never accept that only for the goal being given, they would have had there keeper sent off and a penalty awarded. But I do disagree with an astounding comment earlier that if it is over the line like Lampards against Germany then fine, but that was too close. If the ball crosses the line, its a goal, no matter how much. Anyway enough of that. Chelsea deserved to win the trophy this evening, no disputes. 

But to all those Liverpool supporters who decried players, performances, tactics and all that seemed to be wrong today, take a look into Liverpools's past sides. We have not always had the greatest players. We have not always had the greatest ability. What we always had was fight, the ability to never give up and the support of fans who would back them through thick and thin. Shanks didn't win a trophy for 7 years but was still the alleged best manager in the world. That was the to the hilt, get behind the players and always be positive. 

Would any of todays supporters applaud Man City off the pitch at Anfield these days for playing us off the park ? No they would boo.

Would any of todays supporters applaud Arsenal when lifting the league title, having stopped us doing it ? No they would leave.

It is not Divine Intervention that is needed at Anfield, it is support of the likes that came out of the skies in Istanbul, the kind that left me and thousand of others without a voice after our night in Rome in '84... the kind of support that dragged us back from 3-1 down to 4-3 wins against Birmingham and Notts Forest and many other occasions, just like the Stretford end have done in recent years. The saving of lost causes.

It's called supporting the team and the club. We lost a Cup Final today and the world seems to have ended. It only ends if you care enough to believe we will come back stronger next season. Not because your agenda against said players may pay off and they will move on.

Remember.....most football clubs would love to have had our season. We have no right to win trophies, and the sooner we accept our present position and our present squad the better. 

Though I do agree, it would have been nice if they had turned up for the first hour today. But they gave us some hope in the last 30.  

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