Does Spanish Football Face Financial Ruin...

A Story take from and translated badly in to English...

It is a day that is sure in the history of football in SpainOn Wednesday, theNational Sports Council (SSC)organ of the Spanish government announced it was preparing a plan to fight against the debt accumulated by its professional clubsAccording to figures published by the CSD, this debt amounted to EUR 752 millionallocated as follows: 489.93 million euros for first division clubs184.18 in the second divisionand 7818 million for the lower grades.

Only, the time soon came for them to repay"Football is going to pay its debts tothe IRS and it will do so soonThe formula for this debt is ended will be announcedshortlysaid the spokesman of the bodyLuis VillarejoThe DSC is currently negotiating with a mechanism Professional Football League for this debt is not only absorbedbut that this situation never happens again. "(With AFP)

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