Some very intresting ties first week of the season.

My local team Swansea have the pick of the ties i think with Manchester City away then former manager Roberto Martinez returing to the libertiy with Wigan next season.Sense i live in wales but being a Newcastle fan i dount get to see the toon very often.Couple of times a season plus i try make the Derby if i can.


So for the last ten years or so ive been going to see Swansea and its amazeing to see the progress.League 2 to Premier league in six years is fantastic for the area and the club i think.They will make a mark next season thats for sure.


The toons fixture list looked bad at first but on second glance its alright.It was a worse start fixture wise last season so im sure we will add faces and beat the mackems the second week of the season just to remind them whos top dog in our part of world!


But seroiusley looks great for everyone fixture wise very exiting/nervious start for everyone.


If anyone wants to talk about there start to the season fire away and dount hold back.

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