Grim, not picking up the pieces and throwing in the towel

Mossley Hill 3 - 0 Maghull

Wednesday 27th August 2014 kick off 6.15pm  league

For those of you that read these things, you may have found a pattern forming in the last few seasons.

I don't praise, I don't slaughter. Unless en masse !

This performance, in my eyes, needed an almighty mullering.

It was the closest I have known to a surrender, since that bloke Custer threw his hands in the air and Sitting Bull took the honours. And we even had Crazy Horse on our side, in this encounter.

A dull and pedestrian first half was not what the doctor ordered, after the slip up at Cammell Lairds on the previous Saturday. No reaction was visible, even with a few changes of personnel and set up. Yes the pitch was hard, it has a slope that Jeremy Clarkson would be proud of (that is a dig at him, not me being racist) and the wind had a few fiesty moments. But though Mossley Hill may be more used to the geography of the field of play, the conditions were the same for both sides.

The end of this yawnfest came as a bit of a surprise. A corner came in from the left, one man leaped,his header struck the back of the net. Fairly straight forward to defend. But nobody did.

Confident in Maghulls ability to turn things around, we feared not for the second half and awaited an onslaught and three points. We were disillusioned !

The midfield were hunted down, causing errors. The back four, though given the space they desired, found no options other than to by pass the midfield. Summed up by the change in formation and the substitutions. But unfortunately Maghull were under the gun and it was too late. Mossley Hill had increased their lead to three, with a quick fire two goal burst.

Two more set pieces brought about the visitors downfall. No marking, no reacting, no composure. Both goals should have been easily avoided, but this was an implosion. Too many getting wound up, but that doesn't help the cause. And only one effort on target, does not help the cause when trying to retrieve a game.

To rub salt in the wounds, the loss of Stephen King to a red card, gave this horror story it's final nail in the coffin.

Two words lads

Remember Heswall !!

Next game : Blacon Youth home Saturday 30th August 2014 league kick off 3pm

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