Harry Redknapp – The Greatest Manager in the World….Ever!


Firstly, let me start by saying generally I’m a fan of Harry Redknapp and I’m not a fan of Fabio Capello. So all in all it’s been a decent week.

However, without wishing to bring an air of negativity to the feel good factor that seems to be filling the country with renewed optimism at the moment, should we really be as excited as we are?

Are we not just setting ourselves up for the usual fall we experience following England?

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t believe there is a genuine, right-minded, football fan in the country who does not believe we are better equipped to tackle this summers European Championships without the millstone round our neck that has been Fabio Capello.

Make no mistake, Capello outstayed his welcome at England and should have made a swift departure following the World Cup debacle of South Africa. He didn’t and the whole England set-up has been nothing short of miserable ever since.

Recent events would suggest that neither Capello or the FA will lose too much sleep, at life without each other.

However, some of comments from fans, players, pundits and the media in relation to the probably appointment of Harry Redknapp is bordering on the ridiculous.

This is a manager who has been in the game as a manager for a very long time but when you look at his major honours, they are confined to a solitary FA Cup success with Portsmouth. An achievement, of course but there is no escaping that the purse strings were well and truly wide open at the time and that must be taken into account.

We are told that he is a top level manager and deserves his opportunity. Interesting then, that this top level manager has never attracted a top level job, other than Spurs. When in all honesty they were on their arse.

There is an assumption at the moment that the FA want Redknapp and Redknapp wants the FA. But do we know that for certain? What if he says no to the job? The furore surrounding Redknapp at the moment means any manager other than him is going to be a huge anti-climax.  

Jamie Carragher was interviewed on national radio earlier in the week and made the point that at that level, do top draw players really need coaching? Surely it’s more man-management and motivation that is required? Behave yourself; if that was the case perhaps we can include Mike Bassett in the running for the job.

That opinion perhaps exposes a fatal flaw in the English psyche that we believe we can approach international football, as we do our domestic league. Like it or not, the game is different, with possession and patience King.

And if all it needs it a motivator and man-manager, why did we ultimately fail under Kevin Keegan? A tub-thumper up there with the best of them.

No, the lack of man-management from Capello would indicate that it is a key quality to succeed but anyone who believes that is all you need is deluded. Players do sometimes require an arm round their shoulder but at that level, they also need to know when to keep possession, when to run with the ball, when to cross, who to mark at corners and generally how to outwit your opponent.

I fully expect Harry Redknapp to be installed as the next England Manager and I sincerely hope that he achieves and does well. We want an Englishman at the helm and he is the best of the current crop. He comes across as a decent fella and you cant help but feel England will be better equipped to move forward with him in control than his predecessor.

But let’s not get too carried away. This is a massive step up for Redknapp and one that he should be allowed to make with patience and a reasonable level of expectancy.

There are so many issues surrounding England at the moment, whether it is the captaincy, the alleged race row or the ever ageing “golden generation” that makes the role difficult.

It should be an easy job but it isn’t.

We’re quick to build people up and make them heroes in this country but we can just be as quick to turn against them.

Look at Scott(y) Parker last week.

Reading the match reports and comments following his performance against Liverpool last week, you would think you were talking about a player only rivalled by Ronald and Messy. He went from a potential England starter to the next England captain, almost overnight.

Trust me, a couple of bad performances in the middle of the park for England and we’ll be back to describing him as ordinary and questioning why he can’t keep the ball.

It’s the nature of the beast but if we are to succeed, the beast needs taming.

I’m now looking forward to a tournament that I perhaps wasn’t. I have a renewed sense of optimism. I hope its Redknapp in charge in the summer and beyond and I hope he leads us to glory.

But please, let’s not get too carried away. Let’s enjoy the dawn of a new era – and let’s hope it is just that – but let’s do so with modicum of patience!

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Comment by WorldClass on February 10, 2012 at 12:59

I have to say it's all about the team, you need good people around you, people to spot players, people who are hot on tactics, people who can put an arm round the player and people who can give them a rollocking... I sometime as well worry when all the player are calling for him, perhaps they see this as an easy ride with Harry in charge?

Personally i;d like to see Hoddle back, 62% win ratio as England manager... with a transitional team aswell... Hoddles tactic brains are amongst the best, he demands respect from players because of his ability when he played and dispite his "quirks" i still believe he is still the best English coach by a long shot.... 

Rumour are that Harry is set to refuse the change to take over for the Euro's and concentrate fully on Spurs until then... In my opinion bringing back Hoddle for this tournament would be a stroke of genius... because we'd do well and he's probably end up getting the job he should never have lost back...

And to those that will bring up the "comments" made by Hoddle in the past, read the transscripts fo the interveiw that are now available and then read the "Headline" you will notice there is no corelation except Hoddle does mention people in wheel chairs.... 


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