Hillsborough: Why Was the Cover-up Allowed to Happen

Over the past couple of months the truth about Hillsborough has finally come to light. But for many people the release of the report from the Hillsborough Independent Panel only confirmed what they already knew: the police were responsible, lives could’ve been saved with a better response from emergency services, and the police tried to cover up their mistakes.

But why was the cover up allowed to happen? Unlike many disasters, Hillsborough was recorded by TV cameras and photographers, as one grieving parent said in the Hillsborough docu-drama, “It was live on bloody Grandstand.” It was also witnessed by several thousand people in the ground itself.

Yet for twenty three years myths peddled in the main by South Yorkshire Police and The Sun were believed, despite that not a Liverpool fan, Nottingham Forest fan, player, coach or official from either club, FA officials including the referee and assistants, commentator, or journalist corroborated these myths. But does anyone believe for one minute if any of these lies were true no-one would’ve stopped it, that photographers wouldn’t have captured it on film, that journalists wouldn’t have reported it? Say nothing of Liverpool fans, do people really believe if anyone had been behaving as was ‘reported’ in The Sun that Liverpool fans would’ve protected them?

As for the police lack of response I don’t need the HIP report to tell me the police didn’t respond correctly. I can see police officers on the halfway line standing about doing nothing as all around them people are frantically trying to save lives. There was no sign of fighting as was said over police radio, John Motson sees right away it’s a crush, why didn’t the police? Bruce Grobbelaar heard the pleas of fans, why didn’t the police? And how were statements changed to support myths that can be challenged by TV and photographs?

I’ve heard it said that this couldn’t happen nowadays, that social media would get the real facts out straight away. But Hillsborough happen in front of our eyes and the lies were accepted as the truth by some for 23 years.

Justice for the 96.

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