At the end of a truly historic week in British football, saturday's coverage was dominated with the will they/won't they "saga" revolving around 2 men shaking hands which then span off into a tangent with the question of scrapping the handshake altogether. The media created the storm in a teacup and then debated smashing the teacup up so it will never happen again.

The fact is that the binning of the ritual of 22 men shaking hand pre-game will not cure any of the ills that afflict football one itota. Players will always dislike or even hate each other, but the purpose of the handshake is to display a mutual respect between fellow professionals and that with the best intentions the game will be played in the spirit of fair play.

Does that always happen? Of course not..however getting rid of handshakes will only reinforce the idea that football is on a downward moral spiral.  And with the nature of certain fan 'chants' again being discussed the last thing that the premier league needs now is less respect. The kind of morons who chant vile things on vile subjects are those who read news reports or carefully meditate on things..they are visceral and scrap the last vestiges of inter-club respect would serve as an indictment and an encouragement to the idiotic minority.

Another point was put forward by well-known 'Fountain of knowledge' Alan Shearer who said of handshakes on MotD last night that they were pointless and suggested it would be foolish to wish an opposition player a good game? Well I'd like to think it wouldn't, it strikes me that winning as a result of the other team having a bad performance is somewhat empty. If I were a player I'd happily shake hands, wish them a good performance and then try my best to beat them.

And lets remember in this week of all weeks that if football can't show love it will at least show respect

Hey maybe I'm wrong, right or just misunderstood. leave a comment below of gis' a tweet here

Charlie Pulling


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