..The fundimentals of life really.What it is to live and not get worked down with things and value what they had but liveing to the max.Someone died today who probebly lived mine and all the people on this boards dream plus more in a time when privecy was respected.


Neil Young one of Manchester Citys best ever players died today. And deserved the millions that are being splashed on players today more than the modern pro.e played like.He played with the passion of a fan despite earning nothing in comparison to the modern game.


Talented with grit to match Neil was the perfect old fashoined footballer.He played in a time when players could go down a pub and not be bothered.Now if they leave the house its back pages news.Crazy old world.


So while we all winge and moan about this and that to do with football.Think of Neils family who have had a loved one taken away by cancer.A horrible desiase that the sooner they find a cure for the better.


Footballs not that important really.Its just something to rant and rave about altough thats enjoyable at times.But if my loved one had cancer and the football was on i know where i would rarther be.I will let you decide that one.


Rest in Peace Neil Young.True Blue.

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Comment by 68Gaz99mufc08 on March 7, 2011 at 16:20
Brilliant post.
Comment by thecityisred on March 7, 2011 at 12:14
Lovely read.


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