Jeckyll and Hyde, a different view of things and officials revisited.

Newton 2-1 Maghull

Saturday 6th December 2014 kick off 2pm

I am beginning to think I sound like a broken record. That was something we had before cd's youngsters.

We shall start with the first half.

It was quite a decent half of football. Newton, who showed at Old Hall Field that they are a much improved side from last season, kept themselves in a game that Maghull really should have taken by the scruff of the neck.

Some very good play and a few chances came during the first half, but though playing some great stuff at times, Maghull could not really complain that it was 0-0 at the break. Newton though not playing as well as they did in the reverse fixture, dug in and kept Maghull mainly at arms length. Then came the break and a transformation of crazy proportions.

Newton stepped up a couple of gears, Maghull went into reverse. Each 50/50, each loose ball, each and every player from Newton won their battles. Maghull just didn't respond. No arguments, that's just the way it was. But saying that, an atrocious ninety seconds in officialdom swung the game firmly in Newtons direction.

James Steele made a very clever run past a static defence onto a through ball, the linesman, some 5-7 yards behind play, threw up his flag. A golden opportunity was stopped in it's tracks. Even the Newton defence did not appeal for this infringement. From the free kick, Newton caught Maghulls defence flat footed with a through ball of their own. The striker pounced and was one on one with the keeper Liam Cannon. From my viewpoint, it looked like a collision, penalty and red card for the keeper. And the referee duly pinted to the spot. But there was a huge commotion on the far side. Maghulls bench and players claimed the keeper played the ball, but the referee then dumbfounded everybody by only showing a yellow card. Then the Newton keeper and soem of their players admitted to the sidelines that Cannon had actually made a save and it was not a penalty.

With no Robbie Fowler in their midst, Newton accepted the gift and took the lead.

Maghull now had to respond, but they only responded in kind to Newton, when an awful misplaced header gave away possession, a ball was played through the back four and the striker pounced to slide a left footer just inside the far post and it was game over. 

A late rally brought about a consolation from Danny Dillon and a moment or two of panic in the hosts ranks, but the spoils of victory went the way of the hosts and a huge dent appeared in Maghulls title challenge.

It is said that these wrongful and crazy things even themselves out over a season. If that is the case, then I am looking forward to many fruitful decisions going Maghulls way between now and the end of the season.

Next game : South Liverpool home league Saturday 13th December 2014 kick off 2pm
No Liverpool or Everton games so would be nice to see a good crowd show up.

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