Joey Barton - Celebrity or Footballer?

Joseph Barton

After calling the cast of The Only Way Is Essex "retards" and Paris Hilton "the embodiment of everything I don't stand for", you can always count on the QPR midfielder for a diplomatic, well-rounded opinion.

Joey Barton is a talented footballer, though perhaps not as great as he thinks he is, yet off the field he is more renowned for his Twitter feed than his sporting abilities. Barton thrives on being the centre of attention, and Twitter certainly provides a platform for him to unload his often insightful, intelligent and interesting views to his over a million strong following. I myself am a fan of his thoughts on everything from reality TV to the quotes of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. His tweets are certainly more interesting than the average footballer tweets, telling us wether they are sad or happy after a match and what they had for dinner, but on certain occasions they leave me wondering if he really does think before he types.

No stranger to controversy Barton has had his problems, including a spell in prison after being found guilty of assault, yet it seems holier than thou Saint Joseph believes he can take the moral high over us mere mortals.

At the launch of Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 his spat with reality TV stars from The Only Way is Essex made the headlines when he called the entire cast "mentally deficient, turn up at the opening of an envelope, fame hungry, prized ball bags," completely forgetting the fact that he was himself in attendance at the same "envelope opening" at the time. I myself am not a huge fan of these pointless people but I think I can safely say that unlike Joey, members of the TOWIE cast have never stubbed a cigar out in someones face or beaten someone so badly that their retina detached.

Over the past few months the rants of Joey Barton have been personal attacks on the likes of, Neil Warnock, David Beckham, the Football Assosiation and even the late Gary Speed, who he labelled  "Selfish" for taking his own life.

He strayed into dangerous territory more recently, with a stream of tweets relating to the forthcoming trial of Chelsea’s John Terry. Barton’s loyalty to his team-mate is understandable but he fails to see how dangerous his actions could be, insisting that he was ready to go to prison, after making the remarks.

On Saturday Joey claimed that twitter was full of "thicktards" and "helmets". He then went on to publicly call Arsenal's Emmanuel Frimpong a "Mong" failing to see the irony.

Barton is often a trending topic on Twitter, using the website to speak bluntly about the slightest little thing that is bothering him. It doesn’t matter what the subject is, Barton will have an opinion that will be so heavily weighed on one side of the scale it will cause debate.

One of Joey's latest tweets "There are so many thicktards on twitter pretending to be someone famous. Get a life u #helmets"

Joey should look at this tweet and realise that he is almost describing himself.

There is no debating that his tweets are interesting and entertaining, but he needs to stop thinking he is something he is not, come to terms with the fact that he is a footballer and focus more on keeping his team in the Premier League.

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