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Capenhurst Villa 1 - 1 Maghull  aet   penalties... apparently 4-2 !!!  Pyke Cup

Saturday November 8th 2014 kick off 1.30pm  

I may find it difficult to put the events of Saturday into words, but bear with me, I could find a way.

A decent first half of football produced a goal a piece. From an attacking point, fine efforts, but from a defensive side, you must say there were questions marks on both occasions.

After a cagey start from both sides, Maghull began to impose themselves, against a good home side. The opener came from James Steel, who was played through by a defence splitting pass by Carl Daulby. Steel hitting a right foot strike into the far corner, to give Maghull the lead.

Maghull really should have pressed home their advantage and were quite unlucky not to have been awarded a penalty, prior to scoring, when Jay Hooper was on the recieving end of a Harold Schumacher type challenge and left the field to be taken to hospital with a broken nose. But though looking the more likely to score, the advantage was wiped out close to the break.

The ball was played in from the right into the near post, the Capenhurst forward controlled the ball but was allowed to turn on the corner of the six yard box and fire home. A silly goal to concede, but credit to the striker for taking his chance.

The second half was frustration in abundance. Capenhurst seemed to tire quite early on and Maghull had more or less complete domination of possession. Chances created with no end product yet again. And on far too many occasions nobody gambled on loose balls or crosses, giving the hosts time to clear the decks and get out of trouble. Nobody is saying it is an easy job being a poacher, but at this rate there will be no grouse for the festivities. You have to get in the box to take the chances and on too many occasions a lack of personnel in the opposition area left us dumbfounded.

Saying that, the pressure should have been rewarded in the last five minutes, when the ball dropped to Danny Dillon in the box, with his back to goal. Improvising, he flicked the ball over his head towards the empty net. A hand appeared, not that of the goalkeeper, who was stranded behind Dillon. Thing managed to push the ball away and despite vociferous appeals from players and the sidelines, the referee waved play on, later saying he could not see through players. Bad positioning ? As the referees assistant also said he could not see the offence. Whereas both sets of players, staff and the crowd, saw it perfectly well. The 90 minutes came to an end with the scores still level and extra time to be played.

The opening skirmishes of extra time very nearly brought Maghull to their knees. Twice within the first three minutes, Capenhurst woke from their sluumber and had a one on one with Lee Carrol. On both occassions the keeper came out on top, but the warning was there that Capenhurst were still in this game.

In all fairness, the rest of extra time, though in possession wise was mostly Maghulls, sort of fizzled out. A couple of half chances was all that was offered up and for the second season running, Maghull and Capenhurst faced a penalty shootout. Then the fun started.

Having missed their first penalty and with the scoreline at 3-2 to Capenhurst, Danny Ricketts stepped up for Maghull. His effort struck the crossbar, bounced down and was cleared (from behind the goal line) by the hosts keeper. Capenhurst claimed no goal, no denial of a scoring effort was stated by the officials. So we carried on. Capenhurst scored their next penalty making it 4-3 but began to celebrate. The referee stood in the penalty area, Maghull players stood around wondering what was happening. A shout came from the Capenhurst bench, blow the whistle, the whistle was blown. Each side still had one penalty to take, but it transpires that Ricketts goal was disallowed. Has a goal ever been disallowed before in a shootout, without it being retaken ?

The referee confirmed that the ball had indeed crossed the line, but in his opinion, the initial bounce of the ball had been in front of the goal line and that meant, in his opinion, that the ball was dead. He would not take into consideration that the momentum of the bounce took the ball behind the line, causing the scramble by the Capenhurst keeper to try and keep it out.

We of course know this idea of the law to be wholly incorrect, but there lies the end of the game. The referee had blown, the hosts celebrated and though Maghull still had the chance to level the scores, it was denied them. The deadlines and commitments of the penalty shootout deemed Maghull were out of the Pyke Cup.

Just to confirm what had happened was wrong, is a video clip of a World Cup Quarter Final penalty shootout,from 1986 is below.. The decision was a goal and it has since been confirmed by FIFA and the International FA Board that the referees decision in that instance was correct.

If the link does not work, copy and paste into your browser etc or search, france brazil 1986 shootout on you tube

Next game : Newton home Saturday 22nd November 2014 kick off 2pm league (unless otherwise stated)

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