Milan '65, a crazy 35 minutes and a lesson in attacking, Womble style.

Saturday October 6th 2012

Chester Nomads 3-2 Maghull

I may rant a little, so please bear with me today.

But beforehand, let us chat about the game itself. 

The home side came out all guns blazing for 5 minutes. Obviously thinking back to the first game of the season, when they came to Maghull and mugged us with two in the first ten minutes, then ultimately took the points after defending for their lives for the following eighty.

From then on, Maghull took total control. Playing down the slope in the first half, the lads played some great football, passing it around, and the Chester defence just could not cope with Maguire, Parvas and McNab up front. 

Eventually after some sustained pressure the opener came after 20 minutes. The Chester defence stopped, Phil Stafford didn't and squared the ball to Marko Parvas who controlled the ball, going behind him, and swiveled to place the ball under the advancing keeper. 

The dominance continued, as Maghull searched for the second. 

Half chances came and went as they pressed forward continuously. Fast flowing football and some great movement caused the hosts no end of trouble and brought about a great chance to bring the half to a great end. Alex McNab, who had been outstanding from both wings, put in a glorious cross from the left, which John Maguire met four yards out,unmarked. Unfortunately, in trying to cushion the header home he managed to put it over the bar, instead of just planting it into the Chester net.

A one goal lead was not a true reflection of the play, but the sides went into the half time interval with only the one goal difference.

Playing up the slope (yes it put Yeovil's famous slope to shame) it was to be expected, that the home side would try and take advantage. And the warning signs came in the opening exchanges, as a scene reminiscent of the Keystone Cops took place inside Maghulls area. The ball eventually being cleared after the farce.

Maghull gradually calmed things down and began to assert their authority again. And ten minutes into the second half they deservedly increased their lead.

A good passage of play led to the ball being played to the feet of John Maguire in the centre circle. He turned his marker and played a well timed pass, out wide, to the overlapping Terry McDonald. Terry beat his man and laid the ball back to the edge of the box where the on rushing Maguire smashed it home for the second.

Then madness descended.

Within 30 seconds of the kick off Chester launched a ball from their own half which Mark Mawdsley, who has been having a great season, somehow misjudged. The ball broke loose from Mark's grasp and left the opposition forward with a tap in.

What happened next can only be deemed as pathetic.

Tony Hart complained about a Chester forward for backing in, the ball broke loose and lofted back toward the same protagonists. Tony stood his ground, arms out wide, the Chester lad clashes with him and the referee deemed it a free kick to the hosts. Now correct me if I am wrong, but a push (which it wasn't) is a direct free kick. Obstruction, which is all it could possibly be, is an indirect free kick. Seemingly confirmed when the referee failed to raise his arm to signal a direct free kick, normally for the goalkeepers benefit. So when the ball was struck directly into Maghull's net there is what can only be described as a cataclysmic error. Not the words used by the supporters on the sidelines, but we cannot be seen to be too vitriolic on the website.

However, I think it would be jolly decent of the referee, who refused to explain this guffaw to me after the game, to possibly explain why he booked (I think it was Sean Chart, on for Phil Stafford) prior to the kick being taken. The referee clearly shouted to Chester to play to the whistle ie no quick free kick. As is normal, defenders get close to the ball to stop a quick one being taken. But Charty was booked for not retreating with the wall, when he wasn't even in the wall.  Quite bizarre to say the least !

With the advantage gone, albeit in false circumstances, the hosts gained the upper hand and the Maghull head's dropped. Terry McDonald, after being fouled on halfway, but no free kick given, took matters into his own hands and foolishly brought down his opponent, leading to another yellow card. Again brought about, by the failure of the officials to give the correct decision initially.

The Wimbledon approach finally gained the hosts all three points, when launch number 63 was bombed into Maghulls half. What should have been a straightforward header away, turned into a ground opening moment for Jay Winsor, who completely mistimed the ball from the heavens. It bounced free and though Mark Mawdsley made a very good save, the loose ball fell to the attacker who prodded it home through a melee of legs and bodies.

The hosts had seemed happy to have got out of jail at 2-2, now at 3-2 they where celebrating like championship winners.

The final ten minutes just fizzled away. The hosts more than happy to park the bus and hope for the final whistle. Maghull, could not find the extra gear and did not look like getting the equaliser.

A game that had an away win written all over it, was decided by shocking decisions and a style of play that would put off, even the most ardent of, Stoke supporters.

With International weekend coming up, and no games on Saturday, it would be much appreciated if we could get a big crowd for this weekend. A good day out can be had at Old Hall Field. 

Next game : Hale home Saturday October 13th kick off 3pm


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