More ABU than ILL(I Love Liverpool)?

This is for the so-called Liverpool supporters I've been listening to recently, just to stir it up nicely before 12.45...

Last Saturday I received an e-mail from a friend and former blog colleague, called The Promised Land, to which somebody had decided to leave a comment dealing with my 'About Me' section on the web page. It read as follows;

"to thomas o'dowd you say you love wayne rooney who is a scouser yet you mention about john o'shea scoring a last minute winner against "scouser cunts" i may i also add john o'shea supported liverpool as a boy like ole gunnar solskjaer but like most manchester united fans you dont come from manchester and you know very little about football"

Now I have no idea who this guy is (although his constant Liverpool connections would point to him being a Liverpool 'follower'), he has no idea who I am, as far as I know, so why did he decide to write this out of the blue? That question bounced around in my head for days, and then it finally hit me; would Liverpool supporters rather see Manchester United lose, than their own team win?

Unfortunately, I probably have more Liverpool supporting friends than any other team. Aside from one, honest, guy I know, every other one literally despises Manchester United. Now I have a similar hatred for Liverpool, don't get me wrong, but my first priority when I watch football is Manchester United, and nothing else comes before this. As a matter of fact, I'm really not too bothered what the score is in Liverpool matches anymore as they've become so poor that they’re no longer a threat (8 draws out of 12 home league games proves this before ye pipe up). In my opinion, City are now the team to watch out for, and that's where my interest currently lays.

Liverpool Football Club are the most trophy coveted football club in England, I don't deny this, in fact, I’m quite envious. They're fans, aside from the few racist idiots, are/were proper, emotional supporters that always gave their team that lift when needed. But, you might notice I've said are/were in the previous sentence. These supporters aren't the same ones I saw sing YNWA at half time in Istanbul, nor are they the ones who travelled far and near with the successful teams in the 1970/80's. The supporters I now see are more interested in bashing United.

Their most recent hatred comes after the Evra/Suarez case. Patrice Evra had done nothing wrong but refused to be a coward, yet Liverpool FC and its supporters backed a man so clearly proven guilty, it made me sick. But if it was a non-United player making those claims would the supporters have been so pro-Suarez? I don't think so. Before this, a majority of Liverpool supporters were seen (there's also videos of it on YouTube for the deniers) chanting "Munich" at the poor, misfortunate people, not all United people, who died in the Munich Air Disaster in 1958. (I'd love to know how ye would react if we all started chanting "Hillsborough" by the way...)

Aside from the disgusting aspects, every weekend United play now, every Liverpool supporter is just waiting to start the abuse. Whether we win, lose or draw they have something to complain about. "Typical United", "United are shit", "the refs give United EVERYTHING". They genuinely have more interest in United than of their own club. It's now become quite bizarre! I genuinely reckon that if you asked your average Liverpool supporter if they'd rather a United loss or a Liverpool win, they'd take the United loss. But why?

Liverpool have now become a very average team, although United aren't exactly sublime either, yet United fans care about United, first. Have the Liverpool fans lost interest in a team that doesn’t look like winning the league or Champions League for years to come? Has football lost its great FOOTBALLING rivalries and now just becomes an opportunity to disgustingly abuse others?

The big match kicks off later today, and I'll wholeheartedly be praying United tear shreds off of Liverpool, with their footballing ability. But I won't be chanting "Hillsborough", or booing an innocent man, or making monkey gestures (I know not all Liverpool supporters do this). And the week after? Liverpool face Brighton in the FA Cup. What will I be thinking about that? That we should have been playing Brighton. Will I be glued to the match waiting to destroy every Liverpool fan I know if they lose? I have a life. There will be banter, of course, but friendly, controlled banter.

I hope the critics and Liverpool supporters think about this and don’t jump head first at me, because at the minute the only team struggling for decent form is Liverpool FC, maybe if the supporters focused on Liverpool, their home record might not be so poor.

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