I enjoy sports. I am a sports nut but normally only for any sport that involves a ball of some sort and as a point of reference,  I consider a hockey puck a ball. I don't understand the appeal of swimming, gymnastics, track and field or trampoline and do not ever try to locate said sports on television except during the Olympics. 

The Olympics are important because they are pure sport. The best from every country come together for a while to excel at their chosen sport. For those of us that don't know how the scoring is done or even why it is considered a sport for the Olympics are just happy that our country won. If our country doesn't win, we are sad but at the same time, happy for the winners. The sheer joy on the faces of the winners, the tears they shed when their national anthems are played as they stand on the podium are things we do not forget in a hurry. Even those who pretend to be hardened to any national pride, get a little lump in their throat when they see those athletes.  

For just a little while, we can forget that the economy sucks, the job market is non-existent and all of the other day to day stuff that consumes us. We can forget the politics that surrounds us. We can forget which party we are a part of, we are just proud citizens and that is all that matters. If our team wins medals, that is an added bonus. 

From the opening to the closing ceremonies, there is a lot of joy and pride compressed into a couple of weeks.  I am proud of all the athletes that compete. I am not too proud to state that I get just a little chocked up when they play the national anthem of every country as those who have won. Doesn't matter which one. The important thing is the play and the chance for everyone to go home proud. Even if they don't win a medal, they still made the cut and that is a huge accomplishment and something to be proud of. 

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