No gripes over officials, no sob stories, just wish I had not found this ground instead.

Helsby 4 - 0 Maghull

Saturday 21st February 2015  kick off 2pm

What can be said.

I have pondered and pondered and for the life of me I just cannot come up with a feasible enough adjective, that will not upset or annoy people. So, instead, let's skip the waffle and tell it how it was.

In Maghulls defence, and this is one of the few crumbs of comfort I can come up with, the pitch was a shambles. It held more in common with the himalayas and made Mossley Hills famous slope look like a snooker table. No need to put back spin on a pass, in some areas the ball would roll back to you. But that is nitpicking.

A chance was gifted to Helsby within three minutes and though it went astray, the wake up call was not received loud and clear. Instead, within 20 minutes, albeit against the run of play, Helsby had a two goal lead. Courtesy of a flick on that mugged an offside trap and an error in the box allowing a half volley tap in from 15 yards.

Yes Maghull had chances to get back in the game, but sadly the net was not needed and the Helsby keeper who looked as nervous as hell, was not tested. And we ended the first 45 with a deficit to overcome.

The second half was much the same. Maghull with plenty of the ball, Helsby with plenty of goals. Chances again went begging, though Maghull did strike the upright, but the longer the game went on, the more it became apparent that if the score was going to change it would come from the hosts. And with 20 minutes left, they duly obliged with a third, playing their way through Maghulls rearguard and leaving a player on his own to hit home from 10 yards and the game was up. Salt was rubbed into the wounds ten minutes later when the fourth was crashed home after another defensive slip up.

Maghull did not lack for effort and attitude, but as a unit, it didn't happen. And as stupid as it sounds in this callous blast at the lads, if they had put their chances away, 4-4 or even a 5-4 victory could not have been complained about by the home side. But the upshot was, no chances taken, many goals conceded and that is not a good way of playing football matches.

Maybe some guide ropes and mountaineering equipment will come in handy for our next visit. This defeat helped Helsby move away from us in the table, in points not places, but makes a challenge for third place a lot more trickier. But you are going to give it a go though, aren't you lads !

Let's forget this, our biggest defeat in over two years and get ready for next Saturday.

Next Fixture : Mallaby home league Saturday 28th February 2015 kick off 2pm

Footnote :- After last weeks crazyness, I would like to thank Mr Boyd for a top quality and extremely humorous report of the action at Upton. His return to the breach was very impressive and had peeps asking if he should regain his old role. Bugger off, but it was nice to see someone else's slant on things for a change. Andy, you're a star !!! And thanks again.

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