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Maghull 0-2 Cammell Lairds

Tuesday 6th August 2013

I am not too sure whether we had a football match last night, or some good old fashioned banter.
Suppose we had best stick to the football and I may just drift along and see what happens here.

Last season we played hosts to Cammell Lairds in a pre-season friendly and got royally thumped 5-0. Last night was a totally different affair and that may have had something to do with aforementioned banter.

The game was tetchy, to say the least. But this seemed to come from the fact that Maghull did not lay down and gave no room for the visitors to play. The hoped for jolly up, at Maghulls expense, just did not materialise.

Granted, Cammell Lairds had more of the play, but were less of a threat than a Gnu to a Lion.

In fact, the first attempt on goal came from the hosts. Steve Williams, who seems to win more penalties than Kenny Dalglish, was once again upended after turning the Lairds defence inside out. John Eustace, seemingly confident, ran fifty yards to get the ball to take this goal scoring opportunity. Then saw his effort saved by the keeper.

Heads did not drop, which was nice to see.

Maghull playing the football, the visitors relying on long distant off target efforts and finding the knack of clearing our crossbar with headers from corners. Our only concern being when our keeper dilly dallied a tad too much and was almost caught out. But that was very soon remedied. Though it did once again have Derek the pessimist in a lather. We are not going to concede each time the opposition have an attempt on goal Dirk. Have faith.

The lads came off at half time, disappointed to only be level. And that was after only one shot on target.

The second half started in pretty much the same fashion. Maghull playing the football, the visitors with lots of hustle bustle. But in fairness, we had dropped quite deep and most of the game was played in our half. But also, way outside of our box. The game was somewhat condensed shall we say.

The visitors then got quite miffed, when, after making a rather silly request that a Maghull played be subbed for a much ado about nothing in the first half (he was not subbed) saw one of their players ordered off for what was a nasty, but, not a cynical foul. In the spirit of the game, the visitors were allowed to replace the sent off man, to keep some semblance of balance and fairness to the game. A fine and courteous gesture on behalf of Maghull and the referee, I would say. Especially in the face of the barrage of abuse aimed at the ref at this point.

So, still playing eleven versus eleven, Maghull paid the penalty. In more ways than one. For the first time in the game, the visitors, to all intents and purposes, got behind our back four. A clumsy challenge and the referee had no option but to give the penalty. It looked from a distance as if it may have been outside the box, but the pen was given. Much to the annoyance (let us say it was reverse psychology/winding up) of the Lairds manager, who seemed so concerned about giving the ref a bad time, he claimed it was not even a foul. The home crowd did not rise to the bait.

Anyway, we had a penalty to deal with. Which we didn't and it was 0-1

The game fizzled out from here on. Changes, once again, saw the game hit a bit of a slumber. Now mainly played in Lairds half, who seemed content to try and hit us on the break, we created a great chance to even things up when Jay (whatshisname, will someone please tell me) beat four defenders in a lovely jinking run only to see his left foot attempt hiot a defender and the rebound also blocked, when on it's way into the net from Paul Jackson.

We also had a final uproar from the visitors bench, when an opposing player took more interest in Ben Sumners shorts than he would have got at the pride parade last Saturday. Note to opposing players... our lads do not wish to be undressed or de-bagged during the game. Please take them for a drink or for a meal before getting so amorous. Suffice to say, due to Bens non compliance with this act, and the following furore at his response, Phil Stafford did the decent thing and put Ben onto the right hand side. away from the visitors bench.

Oh yes... I so nearly forgot. the dying moments saw a second goal for Cammell Lairds. Totally against the run of play and after a bit of scrappy play in our box, the net was found and it was game over.

A fair result would have been the draw, maybe a home win. But a 2-0 loss it was. The lads look very strong at the back and in midfield and some support for Steve Williams up front will surely reap rewards. And this opposition is three leagues above us and struggled to impose themselves on the game.

Pre season over... it's all for real from here on in.
Good luck Phil... it's going to be a good season

Next game : Mossley Hill Athletic Away, Wednesday 14th August 2013 kick off 6.15pm

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