Revolution??? Knee Jerk Reactions and Shearer, Linekar and Quinn...

Well England crash out of a tournament at the quarter final stage again... on Penalties again... Whilst we are in the tournament everyone is full of hope, then minute the we are dumped out we are surrounded by the "told you so's" and the the overly critical with the benefit of hindsight.

So what's it all about? To me its like a broken record... "We need to copy .........."  (fill space with relevant successful team)... this is absolute tosh by people who should know better and in actual fact are paid to know better... yet they don't

"Revolution", "Complete Overhaul", "Disgrace", "Backward"... all words used described the way clubs currently bring through young players. "Influx of foreigners", "to much money", "to much pressure" all excuses made for the failures... "Big lads getting picked", "Dads on the sidelines" and "dinosaurs in academies" all cliches that are dishes out every single time... But it is all absolute dross, a knee jerk reaction aimed at selling papers and getting attention.

I did my first coaching qualification at the age of 16, the emphasis back then of youth coaches like my self was all about coaching ability. Ball at feet, teaching skills, playing small limited touch games and trying to develop playing skills. As I progressed through the levels to eventually having a Uefa B license the emphasis remained the same, but now with system and tactical knowledge, how to use the ball, when to use the ball, positional training ect... but the emphasis was always that this was coached with ball at feet, on a pitch always moving the ball around.

I can't deny that there is still some dinosaurs who pick teams based on big defenders, big attackers and the little ones in the middle that get bypassed by a big kick. What I found is this could be dealt playing good football with a team picked on ability... and this worked very well with some tactical knowledge especially for the over 12 teams who out passed and out moved their big opponents.

These "changes" that are being called for by the people who are apparently in the "know" are things that have been systematically changed in the pass 10 years. The generation we see playing now for England have not been through this system, yet individually many of them are held up as "WorldClass". Would Rooney or Gerrard get in to the Spain team? Would they get in the German team? 

The generation coming through right now will be the first generations who have been through clubs and national coaching programmes with the aims of producing players with real technical ability and comfort on the ball.  Wilshere, McEachran, Sturridge, Welbeck, Jones, Ox, even Hart who's distribution as a keeper is second to none. These are the first to start to make their names. 

Behind them many, many more exciting boys. Gardner, Barkley, Shelvey, Sterling, Blackett, Keane... to name a few

Whilst we must all applaud Spain for their coaching system, that system is not the be all and end all of the reason Spain are as successfull as they are. Brazil, Germany, Italy, Uraguey, Hungary ... all have had their seemingly "unbeatable" teams, the envy of the world,   all have have a generation of players come through with amazing ability at a similar time. These type of players are not made, they are born, natural ability counts for a hell of a lot in football, and you either have it or don't, application is an improtant factor of course it is, but if  you havn't anything to apply how effective can you be?

Xavi and Iniesta is a truly amazing combination, and one that combines ability and selflessness that will be incredibly hard to replace...

What we need to do keep a calm head, and continue along the same course, we need to find a system and style that suits us and asked questions of the teams we face, rather than setting up teams that try answer the questions that other teams pose to us.

Shearer, Quinn and Linekar need to do a little more research in to the younger players coming through and look at how they are encouraged to play. Watching the football TMac plays with the youth teams is a complete polar opposite the the style we served up in the first team last season.

Look at teams like Swansea who are proving possession of the football is not just for the elite teams, any one can do it with composure and technique... 

These muppets in the media are out of touch and spread complete untruths...

You listen to Talksport who then talk about the same thing and they putting through a bitter dad who says his boy was taken off the books at Nottingham Forrest because of his size... of course he's not biased is he? 

People need to start listenning to Glen Hoddle, the man knows how to bring the absolute most out of a player... and can also teach the young players a massive amount about winning football in the head with clever positional play and helping with the reading of the game.


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