Scholes...The BEST january transfer ever?

The January transfer window is, for the most part, a complete waste of seems the only ones in favour of it are the editors at sky sports news.

Managers hate it because it creates a highly elastic market - a little increase in demand results in a huge increase in price- as Fergie stated a few years back "theres no value to be had"...

PLayers hate it because its a disruptive experience. One only has to cast back to both Torres and Carroll to see how hard it is to slot into a different team mid-season.

Fans hate it because if your teams involved in the january malarkey your likely to be in a relegation dog fight and be subjected to knee- jerk, panic induced transfers (© West Ham 2007-2011) or you could be an Arsenal fan in which case january means at least one of your top players will be off to Man city...

So it strikes me that rather than being desperate (Mr. Viera) it could well be that Paul Scholes' comeback for United could well be the best 'signing' anyones done since the whole ludicrous notion was imposed..

Think about it..all the issues that usually dog a january transfer are non-existent -

  • No inflated transfer fee
  • No settling in period
  • No disruption for the team
  • No fan uncertainty 
  • i F&*%king LOVE bullet points   

And its paid dividends for Old Trafford...Scholes return has added a wise old head who's been there won that & resulted in his 12 games tallying an very impressive 2.83 points per game + 3 invaluable contribution in my book if United don't foul up seriously in the next 6 games and clinch the title...

And with a wise old head like Scholes in the team you wouldn't bet against it....

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