What a pathetic Person, He is now starting to sound like the Politician he was & still is.

Am I the only person on here to say so ?

He is,was & still is RULED by Sponsers.

Now the game needs sponsers BUT THEY NEED THE GAME MORE.

CAN ANYONE remember Portugal - Holland ? ( I think 6 red cards would have been  fair) But that would not be ACCEPTABLE for sponsers i.e. game Abandoned.= Loss of MONEY

AND EVERYONE knows REFFEREE,s are NUTRIL but even they were ADVERTS now ?



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Comment by WorldClass on May 4, 2011 at 9:56

Bob... when was the last time Blatter did anything for the good of football?


The influence of Sponsors in the game is now wide and powerful but they have no say one what goes on whilst the game is being played.


The referees are professional sports people now are they now, they are paid an excellent wage and that money has to come from somewhere? So rather than out of "grass roots" football (which the best I can fathum is some kind of retirement fund for Blatter) why not get a sponsorship deal?


Anybody in a position such has Blatter has to be a politician, with so many people to please its never going to be easy. The problem I have with Blatter is he is so far out of touch with the fans who are after all the most important people in all this. (Without fans, theres no exposure, no exposure means no sponsors, no sponsors means no money) All Blatter has to do is bring football in to the 21st century, yet he resists, soon we'll have trials going on with 7 officials on the pitch.... because thats a system that can be rolled down all the leagues... I'm sunday league teams would be happy to pay for 7 officials every match day... that'll ony be £20 each per game then... Blatter = Idiot. We all know it. But the next one in will be worse. Mr Platini. You watch him come after English football, sighting how unfair it is that the English leagues spend so much... you watch how inadvertantly he screws up Real Madrid and Barca who spend more, have more debt and less dependable income streams.


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