Sitting eating sushi in the city? Joey Barton is a psychopath

Judging by his output during a tumultuous 85 days on twitter, Joey Barton believes he has a brain that could bring down governments. From his vaunted position as unwanted midfielder at relegation fodder Newcastle United, he holds forth on the topics of the day like the tragically familiar pub drunk. As he continually  engages in inane confrontations that he is provoked into by spotlight hungry hacks, the dynamic has come to resemble that of the high school face off. The popular jock (423,309 followers) uses his status as Big Man on Campus to denounce those irritating “nerds with words” (journalists) who, in actual fact, reflect the views of the masses i.e. that the jock is actually a bit of a cock.


At first Barton was moderately engaging, sharing light hearted badinage with intellectual luminaries such as Piers Morgan and Eamonn Holmes, whilst confronting those heinous football journalists that for so many years had done him down without reproach. We learned that he had interests outside of the game as he divulged information about his racing horse and passions for philosophy and guitar music. ‘What a normal guy, I must have been mislead by those dastardly red tops in my perception of Joseph’ the Twitterati seemed to say as his followers began to stack up, “43120 followers in 1 day!!!!!! I truly am humbled”  So he had his audience, and his opportunity to demonstrate that a new leaf had indeed been turned over. And while his vain attempts to feed us misinformation became more apparent in their desperation


Sitting eating sushi in the city, incredibly chilled out reading Nietzsche. #stereotypicalfootballer  


I was actually finding this stuff pretty funny. His smug use of #hashtags to tell us what he really means, as if his irascible wit is of such convoluted genius that the caveat of a hash tag is mandated to allow the proles an understanding of his jape. Oh what fun, Joseph. But a short shelf life is guaranteed for any fraud, no matter how amusing or controversial.


There were rumblings and warnings, of course. Spats with various journalists threatened to cast off this mask of philosophy and Japanese cuisine fuelled serenity as he became entrenched in disputing the longevity of his assailants’ industry, the comparative merits of the battling troupes journalistic and football abilities, and their choice of hair bands. The inevitable moment came last week as a dull and flaccid Premier League affair was lit up by the boiling despot Joey Barton. Following a game with little else to talk about than Barton’s indiscretions (Barton had thrown himself to the floor following the most innocuous of slaps in order to get an opponent sent off) onto twitter he duly marched, providing a perfect case study in why the site is so compelling; in these restrained, media-managed times where every aspect of a footballers image is controlled and restricted, with super-injunctions acting like the libero of the legal world, twitter allows the mask to slip:


hate CHEATS that dive to win pens. If theres contact go down but dont blatantly try to con the ref. Refs have it hard enough


I d actually pay good money to watch any journo play 1 half of premier league football in front of 52,000 people. #squeekybumtime


I'd take u apart in 2 mins. Extra large mandible (woolnough). U are intellectually inferior in many ways. Also emotionally and mentally


The inevitable meltdown had arrived as Barton railed against current and former footballers who had questioned his ridiculous antics, whilst threatening to ‘take apart’ a football journalist. And it had all started so well...


Jon Ronson recently released a book called The Psychopath Test that discusses the use of the Hare Psychopath test to classify psychopaths. In his twitter exchanges following the Gervinho incident, I calculate that JB demonstrates 10 of the 20 factors (Glibness/superficial charm, Pathological lying, Cunning/manipulative, Lack of remorse or guilt, Callousness, Lack of empathy, Failure to accept responsibility for own actions, Poor behavioral control, Impulsivity, Irresponsibility). Undone by the very tool that he assumed would lead to redemption; Joey Barton is a psychopath and twitter proves it.


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Comment by CookeShaw on August 26, 2011 at 16:14

An interesing alternative perspective on Joseph.....

Comment by thecityisred on August 24, 2011 at 12:17
Joey Barton has been given permission to talk to QPR.
Comment by the white pele on August 21, 2011 at 2:19

can we not make Joey Barton into an enigma that he's not?


very very good footballer.  thug when he was younger.  slight thug now he's older.  full stop


the more press he gets, the worse it is for the image of football


has he punched a DJ on cctv recently? no. but yet he makes more headlines. argh


whereas people should be, "meh"

Comment by Reggie on August 20, 2011 at 15:03
If he wasn't a footballer and was behaving like he is/has he would be labeled a nutter, then again, he'd probably have had the sh** leathered out of him by now by someone way bigger than him, so he'd probably just be a whiny little bitch,  much like he is now.  At least he gives pardew an excuse if things are poor at newcastle this year.
Comment by DeadRevel on August 20, 2011 at 10:15

"@Lord_Sugar must think Liverpool fans where to blame. Shame on him. Lost any semblance of respect I had for him.

That's terrible and to me reveals it's just self-serving."


What does that statement even mean?! Pseudo-intellectual bullsh*t of the highest order. How could it possibly be self-serving not to sign it? He's either not allowed to as TCIR said, or his reputation would be damaged and therefore would NOT be 'self-serving'.


p.s. I have studied philosophy and enjoy it as a subject and even I have never read a Nietzsche text from start to finish. I can say with 99.99% certainty neither has Barton. Probably spent 10 minutes trying to work out how to pronounce his name then lied to twitter about it.

Comment by thecityisred on August 20, 2011 at 1:48
I dunnow y'know. That Alan Sugar thing really riled me.

Being young, getting drunk and fighting is stupid. Stabbing someone with a cigar is stupid.

That today was a bit evil. Alan Sugar has gone mad, as you would, and said he was out so couldn't RT the petition anyway.

Barton had got upset he was being ignored and said Sugar thought Luverpool fans caused Hillsborough. These things stick.

Barton is a grown man, he wasn't drunk. I just think it's utterly awful.
Comment by thecityisred on August 20, 2011 at 1:08

Correction: I suspect journalists are NOT going heavy on it. Important word to miss out.


Seriously, just take that comment today. If any other player had said that then the media would cover it and go mad. If Rooney or Gerrard or Terry had falsely and flippantly used Hillsborough and blaming Liverpool fans as a tool to attack someone famous then there would be a media frenzy.


So I don't get all this talk from people that the media follow him waiting for him to slip up or wanting to create a big story, because there's your big story right there: @Lord_Sugar must think Liverpool fans where to blame. Shame on him. Lost any semblance of respect I had for him.


Let's see who prints up a story on it, if you guys are right then surely it will be across back pages as journalists are just looking for any chance to have a go? 

Comment by thecityisred on August 20, 2011 at 1:02
I'm P, I'm sorry but that's a bit disengenous. You can't be on Twitter without seeing them. I don't even follow him myself but you see them RT'd.

Twitter is just a vehicle. Like any other, papers, radio, tv. He joins it as a footballer and what footballers say is of interest.

For example, if Michael Owen was on the radio and said Alan Sugar thought Liverpool fans caused Hillsborough -with no reason to say so, just being a childish nob- then it would be covered massively.

The same could be said for lots of other statements of his.

So I don't think it's overblown as it's him, I think it's the exact opposite.

I suspect journalists are going heavy on it as they want the story from him when the breakdown happens, which I think they feel is inevitable.
Comment by Im_Partial on August 20, 2011 at 0:44

He makes me laugh, and he's not a bad player, and I like it that he's managed to work to get his career back on track after his time in prison.


But then again, I don't follow his tweets with the religious devotion of our national media ....

Comment by thecityisred on August 20, 2011 at 0:41
Dead Revel, I love your theory!

Kennys Heroes, if Barton were to help my gran cross a road I suspect he'd then insist on walking her through the rest of town whilst telling everyone what he was doing.

Then, when she got fed up and asked him to go he'd go ballistic and say it was just because he's Joey Barton. He'd then buy some flowers from a florist, tell her he'd buy flowers for his grans grave when she died and then beat himself with bunch repeatedly.

After that he'd give her the flowers and say 'These were once wild but now they are farmed. So are they still flowers or an illustration of mankind wanting control. Don't be controlled'

Not sure why you wonder why someone would write about it. It's topical because he continually makes himself so. Bit like watching a car crash.

And his use of Hillsborough to have a go at Alan Sygar takes him to a whole level.


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