my realistic transfers with 40 million to spend


foster - 9.5 million

n.clyne - 2-5 million

r.johnson - 8 million

w.brown - 3 million

c.dempsey - 7 million

a.johnson - 10 million

j.elmander - free


give or take elmander just ran out of money

if we sell players like heskey,beye,dunne,warnock,ireland or even downing 

use the money to get sturridge in



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Comment by Team of Skinheads on June 19, 2011 at 23:46

Elmander's already signed for Gala anyway I think.


Do you really think that you'll be given £40m before any sales? If that kind of money is available then why didn't O'Neill at least get some of it last summer?


By the way, if you can get Adam Johnson for £10m then it would be the best piece of business in the window. Unless you're talking about Andy Johnson which would be the best piece of business in the window - by Fulham


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