Support your Team, my lord, Support your Team.....

To Protest or not To Protest that is the question.... 

find it a tough call, we all want a winning team, but we want to see our youths given a chance.

We want to see our club be on a sound financial footing but we want our club to be spending monies on transfers...


We want an awful lot, but some don’t seem to accept they can't happen all at the same time.


McLeish whilst not doing himself any favours was always going to have a tough season, he had very little room for change, many of his senior players know they are off at the end of the season and just don't care about Villa doing well, such is the apathy amongst some they can barely be bothered to salute fans that spend good money to watch the tripe that is served up at the back on a regular basis.


The players too also feel the atmosphere at Villa Park and tensions are high in the stand and on the pitch, which doesn't help things, especially the youngsters.


McLeish obviously saw our defence was shakey and initially tried to protect it, setting up defensively... and got slated (and i was amongst the ones doing it). Now a change of style has shown up the huge cracks in of defensive unit, with only Given coming out with any credit so far. And guess what McLeish takes more flack.


I have been called a McLeish apologist for this stance, but it is not that at all. McLeish has made mistakes, glaring, stupid mistakes… however the entirety of the blame falling on one man? This is simply not true.


We are way ahead of the game as to regards FFP and that is a credit to our club and will pay dividends in the long run, however with this period of constraint there is going to be casualties. People rant on about selling Young, but what choice did we have? Should we left him walk for free? People go one about the “message” it sends out, but I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt Levy wouldn’t have taken the stance he did with Modric, if Luca only had a year left on his contract, as it was he had 5 full years worth. See the Milner and Barry deals too….


Downing, ok he had 2 seasons left, but who can tell me the money we got for him wasn’t over the odds? He’s a good player, but not £20m worth.

And where did that money go? I suppose that was Big Ecks fault too?


Perhaps had money been invested more wisely at the time… Like Spurs invested the money from Carrick and Berba… we would be in a more comfortable position, however that’s a different debate for a different day.


The things that people see as “problems” are infact resolutions to problems from previous poor management by several current and ex members of the Villas staff. The cutting back of the squad and the wage bill is a solution to a problem that was rooted long before McLeish. The problem of the quality of our squad, again did McLeish buy most of these players? The problem of leaking goals… it’s the poor quality of players we have in those positions… if Big Eck sets up to protect the weakness he is slated for negative football, if he sets up to attack and risks exposing the defence and he is slated because he has inherited below par players who can’t defend.


There is a big thick sliver lining around this dark cloud, and IF (is a big IF) just afew of these kids shine and come through we have have foundation, the set up, the stadium and the owner to build around them. Spurs have shown it doesn’t take mega money, just well timed sales and purchases, a steady nerve and the will to be financially secure but continue to push forward as a club… If you remember Spurs had a couple of bad seasons and then picked up…


So please, support you team, you will not agree with everything that is going on, but speak to the bloke next to you, you quickly find his opinions of team and tactics differ to yours, as would the bloke next to him and the bloke next to him…. However the one constant is Aston Villa is your team. What ever happens to McLeish as Villa Manager won’t happen to the end of the season now, so don’t disrupt the club, the players and the rest of the fan who want to support their team with damaging and embarrassing protests…


I know it’s hard, I know its frustrating, I know it can be down right depressing, but you have to look at the bigger picture… Aston Villa is so much more than the 17 players that enter that pitch, teams change the fans remain…


Ditch the Protests…. Support the Team….  Go on I dare you... actually be the 12th man, you like to boast you are... at the moment your just piggy backing on the players and weighing everyone down.

Will I be protesting? No it isn't all his fault, will I be upset if he resigns at the end of the season? No.

I think it's time Glen Hoddle returned to Management and Villa should be the place it happens...

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Comment by John Thomas on February 10, 2012 at 13:16

I don't mind the right to protest broadly speaking, but I do mind that this protest is idiotically directed McLeish instead of the people who are really responsible: Randy Lerner and his gang of football-ignorant executives.


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