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Tuesday August 14 2012

Maghull 4-1 Breckfield

It happened again !

Wakey wakey time is when the ref blows his whistle, not 5 or 10 minutes in. 

The Merseyside Christian League champions, came out all guns blazing and Maghull needed time to settle. As a rough estimate, they had more shots in those first ten minutes than Dirty Harry. But maybe they should realise that the idea is to put the ball in-between the two white uprights as opposed to some far off distance either side. And maybe try to get a little closer to goal than 30 plus yards, before pulling the trigger. Just a thought.

After finally realising they where playing a game of football, Maghull played some nice stuff. Still the odd hollywood pass, but on the whole, the first half was good entertainment, with nice passing moves. Thankfully this also brought two goals. Between Sean Chart and Jamie Blackhurst they managed not to score but get a defender to make a scrambling, diving save on the line. Fairness ensued and the culprit was not red carded, however Terry McDonald made the visitors pay and the penalty was despatched with ease. 

Goal number 2 came not long after, when again, Sean Chart was involved in the move which ended with Phil Stafford thumping one into the far corner. Half time and all was easy.

The second half brought much of the same really. Mostly one way traffic, with the odd break away from the visitors.   

The lead was increased midway through the second half when, after a pinball session in the box, the ball broke lose to Marko Parvas who slotted home from 8 yards.

Then came the lapse. A little over confidence crept in, the game became scrappy and once again the Arsenal impression kicked in. Four lads waving to the setting sun, does not constitute playing to the whistle. Opposing forward runs into the all too familiar chasm and lobs Mark Mawdsley for 3-1. Mark having previously pulled off a cracking one handed save from a header.

Some sense was returned to the scoreline with 15 to go, when Sean Chart bemused the opposing keeper and clipped in a great direct free kick. The keeper did not even move.

So now to business. First game of the season on Saturday at home to Chester Nomads 3pm kick off. 

Let battle commence............

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