"The only thing worse than no TV is Golf... On TV" (Malcolm, Of In The Middle)

I fell in love with Golf exactly a year ago. Having played a little when I was younger, the beautiful scenery of Augusta and the incredible play of Rory McIlroy and his pure liquid gold swing made me want to go out and start playing again. Which I did, I say playing, my games of golf may as well be renamed Swearing In A Field. 

So now, this year Masters' Tournament has come around again,and I am excited. So I thought I'd share my experience by writing about it on here. I'm by no means an expert, and will probably be wrong about everything, but it might be funny in parts and could maybe be informative.

So let's have a look at who's playing in the Tournament this year;

Tiger Woods

He's recovered his form after a couple of years of bad play and even worse PR. Off the course he suffered the indignity of not being on the cover of his popular golf games series, as well as rumours of several affairs and his girlfriend smashing his car up with a golf club. But that's all behind him now, he won the last tournament before Augusta, the Bay Hill invitational with an impressive 13 under par. He's the bookies favourite, having won the competition four times before, but is without a win here since 2005.

Rory McIlroy

Oh, Rory, Rory, Rory. So much has happened since you changed your name from Theodore and dumped Alvin and the other Chipmunks. A year ago, me and thousands of others fell in love with you. You were playing incredibly, then came the ill fated drive on the tenth hole that ended up in someone's garden. Despite this heartbreaking defeat, he came back and won the US Open later in the year. What was most impressive about the 22 year old last year was his humble charm, hard working attitude and his grace in losing. A year on, his off course antics; breaking up with his girlfriend, becoming an incredibly smug couple with tennis ace Caroline Wozniacki, and sacking manager Chubby Chandler, and starting to believe his own hype, Rory has gone considerably down in my opinion.

Phil Mickelson

A three time winner of The Masters, big Phil is a left handed golfer. Jim Carey is a shoe in to play him in the film of his life. Watch out for him taking his cap off and brushing his hair back with his hand in the sun. It's a classic Mickelson move, and sure to happen at least once. It is however only a matter of time before Mickelson's entire career is revealed to be a Fly On The Wall movie starring Jim Carey.

Luke Donald

The Englishman is the current World Number one golfer, last season he broke records by topping the winnings list for both the PGA and the European tour, the first player ever to do so. Not as loved as he should be in this country, due to the fact he's spent most of his life in America.

Lee Westwood

The man who Luke Donald took the World Number one spot from. The plucky Brit has, typically, never won a Major tournament, but could well be his year. Chris Evans favourite golfer, this could well make him the Morrisons of Golf Supermarkets, compared the the American owned English Goliath of Donald's ASDA or McIlroy's homely but badly represented by a smug gob***** Sainsburys.

Well that's enough rubbish from me for today, I'll be back tomorrow, taking a look The National Course itself.


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Comment by Brb on April 5, 2012 at 18:30

I've been talking to myself on the Liverpool board for weeks so I know how you feel.

I'm going to give it a go, I play with my father in law now and then it's a good game so I'm going to watch the whole thing, it will also drive the wife nuts which is a bonus.

Comment by Jack Machin on April 5, 2012 at 16:17

Yay, a comment. I was meant to write a where you can watch it article yesterday, but got distracted by Bob the High Fiving Streetcat on This Morning. You can watch everyday in HD and 3D on Sky, as well as a morning round up on the night before. You can also watch highlights on the first two days on the BBC at about 11.30 thirty or so in the evening. That may test your Chris Evans tolerance levels though. The Saturday and Sunday will be live on both Sky and the BBC. Hope that helps.

Comment by Brb on April 5, 2012 at 14:13

I'm not a huge golf fan but seem to enjoy it when I do watch, I may well watch this. Is it on any free channels or is it just Sky?


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