The games ARE coming..You may aswell enjoy them...

Many a furrowed brow has been beaten in the run up to the London games...some of which could be considered legitmate concerns - costs spiralling out of control, masses of steel & concrete left abandonned at the end of the ceremonies etc...and a lot that could be put down to chin wagging tut-tuting bo**cks such as more people on trains & a 'quite legitmate' concern that if the military was to take down a hijacked airliner of East London it would mess up some residents day ("could you imagine the mess in the street!" black-cabbed one Daily Mail reader)..

More than a few people have pointed out that in these harsh economic times, with a return to the barter system looming large on the horizon that the sheer expenditure & effort put into hosting this big sports orgy is SHAMELESS! 

And maybe it is why not react to it in a manner equally as the stalwart of the once-great-now-shite t.v show Frank Gallagher extolls: LET AVE A PAAAARTY!

THE London Olympiad will happen whether you approve or not..whether you buy the special edition chocolate bar or get the commemorative McDonalds mug won't matter a why not sit down, take off your thinking cap and get wrapped up in the spectacle of it all.

Watch Celtic warrior Katie Taylor batter her way to Gold, the war of attrition play out in the table tennis finals, records broken in the pool, hearts broken in the gymnastics, make up your own Englishman, Scotsman & (Northern) Irishman jokes as Team GB concede a 4th against Brazil. Laugh as Boris makes a tit of himself in front of billions and, in Usain Bolt, watch as one of the greatest athletes of modern times tears up the record book again.

And when it's all over and the last stragglers have scampered before the clean up...and all the bucks-fizz is drunk... the real world will be there waiting for you, with a double dip recession under one arm and a dog-sh*t sandwich under the other..until the next time...

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