The Player Power Spiral of Destruction

Plenty will be written for the next few weeks about the wonder that has become Carlos Tevez's affair with Manchester City. We know full well that Mancini believes he refused to play last night in their Champions League tie with Bayern Munich, and Tevez believes he was ready to play, and there was just 'confusion' on the bench. Well, there wasn't a lot else, so Carlos was right either way.


But it does make you wonder if player power has become all too much. If the last twelve months in the Premier League has taught us anything , it is to keep the power away from the player and his agent, and treat him how any respectable employer would treat their employees. You breach your contract, you're penalised and you're out the door, and that's what is happening less and less in the Premier League in this modern age of multi-billionaire owners.


This Tevez fiasco has been spiralling on for the last five years. Well, at least five years - God knows how many years beforehand. Admittedly, he is blaming his erratic behaviour on homesickness, with his daughters still living with their mother in Argentina. But, if it was homesickness, why not buy himself out his own contract? Or resign from the club? Maybe the £250,000 a week he receives is a little hard to give up...


He has done this before, too. He announced to the media he wanted to leave West Ham, whilst still under contract with them. He did exactly the same at Man United, knowing full well the blue half of the city were interested too. It seems to be a common theme that he tries to engineer a move from a club every two years - whether this has anything to do with his agent and the fees is yet to be discovered. But either way, his contract is meaningless, in his mind...


Even the Wayne Rooney saga at the start of last season sparked mass hysteria. Having decided he wanted to leave Manchester United just before the start of the season, he continued to play, then announced he wished to leave via a Sir Alex Ferguson press conference. Within five days, he was on a contract worth £250,000 a week, with massive image rights payments, and security in his deal. And all from saying he wished to leave the club - turning down a team who have reached the Champions League final three times in the last six years, and saying there was no desire to win trophies.


Player power has arrived at a point of no return - at some point in the not-too-distant future, we will see clubs spiral into millions of pounds of debt, and fold, because one player believed he was bigger than the club itself. These players will be the death of what made our game so brilliant, because they wish to line their pockets in gold, buy large houses and knock them down just for fun, and have massive shipments of technology brought into the country for his brother's wife's best friend's mother-in-law's dog. Apparently.


Power has become far too much for the standard, slightly idiotic football player. What we need is a man and a club that will rip players apart if they get too much. Step in Neil Warnock and co....


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Comment by WorldClass on September 29, 2011 at 12:46

"Nice piece" Hello sailor.....


You make so decent points, but I have to say you've been little little too generalistic about footballers and also about the scenarios around football. Do you think Tevez is the first player to do this? This kind of stuff has been going on for the best part of 20-30 years prbably longer...  Dwight Yorke refusing to play for Villa again hence Gregory's "If I had a gun I'd have shot him" comment... yet that was ok because Yorke did is to a (in the view of the media) a lesser club and United got their man.... City are the new big story in town and the media will sensationalise the smallest bit. Tevez may have refused to play and if he has it's a discrace but he isn;t the first and won;t be the last... people come in different shapes and sizes, some people I meet day to day and weird and I just can;t figure out, I work with a lad who has an ego as big as Tevez yet no outstanding skills in any department.... ANY DEPARTMENT according to his ex missus...  His only skill seems to be attracting the attention of piss takers yet his ego and his actions are just comical... Most professional footballers are not tevez, are fully professional and wouldn't dream of this behaviour.... I think we're jumping the gun for the sake of a tiny percentage of childish. ignorant men.


The problem of players has come about from two things... The Bossman ruling meaning player could move at the end of their contract and now treated as fixed assets and the culture of instant success and a willingness to splash money to tempt players.... how do you change that culture?


Until Uefas Clubs agree as one to a volentary cap on wages to players there will be no change, but can you see the likes of United, City, Barca and Madrid agreeing to pay players a maximum of £65k a week? Because that kind of agreement I think would lead to the distribution of top players being more sparce and you wouldn't get the players being willing to move to sit on the bench at a big club because they offer £30k a week more than his current club... players would still leave for the big clubs but they would also want out pretty quickly if not being played.... It won;t happen... so enjoy football while you can, soon it will be all about 20 eurpean teams the rest the of us will have to fend for ourselves without the excessive Sky cash....


Again with the agents, spome are very decent honourable people,  of course their are rogues, but aren't there in every profession?



Comment by David O'Loughlin on September 28, 2011 at 21:36

Honestly I'd love to see some proper regulation for agents. It might be impossible to do but at least an attempt. Look at Gyan, his agent in his ear every day probably, and now he's throwing away his career at 25.


However a problem is the clubs themselves. Does anyone think that a club won't come in for Tevez? If Anzhi in Russia come in they'll probably even increase his wages. Tevez does it because he'll get away with it, someone will pay 20 mill, get a great player for a year and then when Tevez wants his next big move, it'll all start again and clubs are the bigger fools for putting up with it.


Nice piece


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