The top five Premier League local rivalries.

Local rivalry games are games were pride is very much the key and form books are thrown out of the window. This guide shows the top five the Premier League currently has to offer.

5.Wolves v West Brom

The 'Black Country Derby' is the best midlands derby the Premier League has to offer this season but it's nothing short of drama, West Brom winning 5-1 at Molineux recently cost Mick McCarthy his job, It's also one of the games oldest derbies, first contested in 1883 it's nothing short of history.West Brom have claimed the pride the most times, winning it 63 times oppose to Wolves' 53 times.

4. Sunderland v Newcastle

North East pride is at stake when it comes to this game, being one of the closest fought derbies in the country, every football fan mark the dates of when these two meet. Like the Black Country derby the Tyne-Wear derby dates back to 1883 again making one of the oldest derbies in English football. The black and white half of the North East has enjoyed more victories winning it a total of 53 times including a 1-0 win at the Stadium of Light in August.

3.  Arsenal v Tottenham

North London is divided when it comes to Arsenal v Tottenham, one of the best games in English football it has nothing short of drama. Who could forget the most recent encounters such as the 5-4 win for Arsenal at White Hart Lane in 04-05 or Tottenham's 5-1 win in the Carling Cup Semi Final in 2007-08. Or great goals that have been scored in North London derbies such as Adebayor's stunning turn and volley that has made it onto many football DVD'S. It has recently had more at stake with both sides battling it out for a Champions League place till the very end of the season.

2. Liverpool V Everton

There are two things that spring to mind when thinking of Liverpool, music and football. The Merseyside derby is more anticipated than Christmas in Merseyside with most people being either a red or a toffee. It has enjoyed some pretty games in the past such as the FA Cup fourth round replay of 08-09 when Dan Gosling got a late winner for the toffees in extra time. It has made popular national players turn to villians in their own city, with Steven Gerrard a toffee supporter as a kid disliked by Everton fans for putting on the red of Liverpool.

1. Manchester United V Manchester City

It is sometimes said that Manchester is blue and Manchester United fans live a million miles away from Manchester. But in fact pride is very much at stake when these take to the field with one half of the ground singing 'blue moon' the other sings 'United road' this eptiomizes the true nature of the English game. And it has been a fixure that has had added spice since City got their rich owners from the middle east, with City having the money to compete with their near neighbours. The next game between the two will surely decide the outcome of the Premier League title race, with both sides within  touching distance of each other in the table. It has also produced some exciting fixtures this season with City shocking United 6-1 at Old Trafford in October and Manchester United winning 3-2 at Eastlands' in the FA Cup 3rd round. This fixture will surely decide the Premier League title in years to come making it the best derby in English football.

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Comment by James Cartwright on February 21, 2012 at 13:21

I was thinking of currently while doing this, if City were the side they are now then it would probably be about 3rd but as it a derby that will decide the title for years to come it has be first.

Comment by WorldClass on February 21, 2012 at 10:12

Wolves and WBA.... 

Comment by thecityisred on February 21, 2012 at 9:33

But I am biased. 

Comment by thecityisred on February 21, 2012 at 9:29

Right now, there's no question it's the Manchester derby. If you're looking at world wide interest then it's probably head and shoulders above others.

The Merseyside derby has shrunk as the two clubs haven't been near the top of the football tree but the North London derby is growing now that Spurs are a force.


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