The (Un)Official 2012 European Football Kit Championship

Right the ideas a simple one...taking Blatters' penalty rant to its logical conclusion...fuck all that deciding it on the pitch..lets let the kits decide!

The format will remain the same as the actual tournamnet layout (groups etc)....all teams obv have two kits but only one (the better one obv.) will be chosen to represent them. Simples!!!


Right then...the group of Meh....
Painfully average kits all round but at a push im plumping for Greeces home to top the group (they need cheering up) & Poland away 2nd (simple) for the Czechs & Russia..its one thing using child labour to make the kits but when you use it to do the designs your asking for trouble imho....

1st:Greece home 2nd:Poland away 


Right now we're talking! Anyone of these kits would easily come out of any other group but thats not how it works im afraid so we'll have to be ruthless...Hollands home kit goes through 2nd just cos its orange..but they've done summat different with it...their away looks a bit training wear-ish maybe so looses out...I like the Danish home kit..nice retro nod to 1992 but not enough from either to get out of the group...Germanys home is a nice sleek design as is Portugals but both loose out to their respective away kits...although I like Portugal's away it is a bit similar to precent incarnations and quite frankly cant stand up to the retro green glory of germany..

1st:Germany Away 2nd:Holland Home


I dunno what the funkery Adidas were thinking with Spain's jerseys...the home is more of the same & the away is presumably the way it is to confuse the opposition that the spaniards are fielding 11 on both im afraid...Italy's home tops the group for its masterful 1990s 'football italia' a toss-up between Irelands & Croatia for 2nd spot...I'm gonna give it to Ireland away for a sleek & simple design.

1st: Italy Home 2nd:Ireland Away


If you're allergic to blue look away now...Ukraine's are a write-off (apart from Germany away Adidas have had a right stinker)...I'm a sucker for a diagonal stripe so Sweden's away wins the group...a toss-up between France & England for dreariest colour range...I'm plumping for England's Home just cos its got a bit of red on it & I strongly suspect that France's are a rip-off of their rugby counterparts...

1st: Sweden Away 2nd:England Home

So there we have it.still awake at the back..into the knockout stages we go....

Q FINAL 1:  Greece(H) Vs. Holland (H) . Winner - Holland 

Q FINAL 2: Germany(A) Vs. Poland(A). Winner - Germany

Q FINAL 3: Italy(H) Vs. England(H). Winner - Italy

Q FINAL 4: Sweden(A) Vs. Ireland(A). Winner - Sweden

SEMI-FINAL 1: Holland(H) Vs. Italy(H). Winner - Holland

SEMI-FINAL 2: Germany(A) Vs. Sweden(A). Winner - Germany

FINAL: Germany (A) Vs. Holland (H)

A true titanic clash for the crown..with two opposing styles..Germany with all its Instagram retro glory Vs. Holland's HD red button broadband futurism...But there can only be one victor....



What can I say....I'm a sucker for green

Well that was fun wasn't it! Anyways I'm sure not ALL of you will agree so pop your two-pennyth worth in the comments box below or throw abuse at me on twitter! 


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Comment by iggy_pip on May 31, 2012 at 16:52

Also - what's going on their with the England A - I half expected to see a 'gas safe' or 'here to help' logo on it - its absofeckinlutely pants !


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