The wind of change, one way traffic and a sloppy moment.

Ashville 1-0 Maghull

Wednesday  9th October

How many times will it happen, A team dominates the play, yet somehow loses !

I suppose the winning run had to come to an end at some point, but in such a fashion and to such a goal, really doesn't make sense.

Every player put in a shift last night, nobody ducked out and if there were any semblance of sense in this game, then Maghull would have a six point lead again.

I really am finding it difficult to write this report up, without getting a tad angry. On the early exchanges, I was convinced a comfortable 3-0 was on the cards and I still cannot figure out how that didn't happen.

A horrible wind caused the hosts no end of problems in the first half and seeing how poorly they coped with the conditions, we felt that Maghull would have the same issues in the second half, so needed a lead going into the break. No goal came, how, I am not sure. The crossbar was struck, chances were created and the Ashville keeper had a charmed night. Using anything at his disposal to keep the ball out of his net. Let us say he was unorthodox.

With the scores level at the break, Ashville must have fancied their chances of dominance in the second half. It didn't come, but a grotty moment did. A corner held up in the wind and escaped the clutches of Mike Dixon. The ball found it's way across the line and the fluke had happened. Take away one other effort five or so minutes later, that looped up and struck the crossbar, Ashvilles sum total of being in Maghulls half was long clearances and hoping to hold the ball up. Which generally, they failed to do.

Maghull had held the dominance and even playing into the horrendous wind, played the football, but could not put the ball into the net. A post was struck, the keeper kept up his feet, arms and elbows routine. How he kept a clean sheet is beyond me. Then, when we thought the draw was salvaged, Rob Duttons header went over the bar in the dying seconds.

It was a travesty. The one side who deserved the win, went away with no points. And I would dare anyone from Ashville to argue that point. I also think that the referee will have had better nights. But that's nitpicking. If we had taken our chances and the Ashville keeper had not been so fortunate, then it would have been all smiles.

But for the record, I admit I have been a little cruel on the back four this season, for dropping back and inviting pressure. Well, credit were it is due. The back four, last night, were immense.

It still hurts, but that's the way it was.

Next game : South Sefton Borough home Saturday 12th October 2013 kick off 2pm

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