The dictionary describes transition as :


[mass noun] the process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another:students in transition from one programme to another


David Moyes

Over the past couple of weeks/months, I have read quite a few blogs and forum posts about our manager David Moyes, I've also read and listened to a lot of the so-called media pundits discuss what they think is going wrong for him at United, and the superlatives to describe the time United and Moyes are going through change with every game, now a new one has started to appear, I'm not sure who coined it first, but the "buzz word" the moment is "transition".

As outlined above a transition is a period of the change of one state to another, and in reality all United fans expected it to happen when Fergie retired.

Some have adapted to the transition better than others, even at OT this is the case, Wayne Rooney has stated that under Moyes he has become fitter, whilst RVP is quoted as saying that the new regime of training is responsible for his injuries this season as it too intense, read in to this what you like, but what it tells me is that we have coaching staff who cannot tailor training to each player.

This would suggest that there are differences between some of the players and the way Moyes is setting up the training session, we also have the news that Patrice Evra has been quoted as saying that he wont be signing an extension to his contract, perhaps that was the reason behind the failed pursuit of Leighton Baines in the summer, many of our players are due for new contracts in the summer of 2014, only time will tell if Evra is the only one to leave.

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