WARNING: Cheating is STRICTLY Prohibited.

The events of the Pakistani cricketers, found guilty of spot fixing, have been unravelled in public and in the media, to the point where even more allegations have been made today during the sentencing. It is a disgraceful story - cheating sportsmen at the top of their game who put a quick buck ahead of an illustrious career. What they'll get now is a loss of job and a jail term. Lovely stuff, boys....


But it does make you wonder about other sports too. The ICC have caught these cheats with the help of the News of the World and the British media, which is great. Buyt what do we do about other suspected cheats in other sports?


Channel 4 and Dispatches uncovered the ring of Thai businessmen, including former England international Bryan Robson, that allowed for rich foreign investors to buy different Football League clubs. This was, and still is, illegal within British sport, and the FA should be enforcing this. Why not?


What about the racist allegations made against John Terry last week? These have been picked up the the Metropolitan Police, and the FA will then conduct their own investigation, but what happens if he is found guilty? Racism and disturbing the peace is a criminal offence, and therefore should be treated as one - not a slap on the wrists because he's the England captain on £200,000 a week. Sod that - he is still a human being insulting a human being. If proven guilty, obviously.


We've seen it in rugby, too. Back in 2009, 'Bloodgate' occurred, with Harlequins winger Tom Richards using fake blood capsules in order to gain a stop in play to get an extra man back on the field. He was banned for twelve months, later reduced to four, and Harlequins were fined £259,000 for the incident. They were punished, but this is still a form of cheating, and should be met by harder actions.


There was the Renault incident in F1 as well, back in 2008. Nelson Piquet Jr. was instructed to crash out the race in order to help team-mate Fernando Alonso win the race, as a safety car was deployed. It led to bans for team boss Flavio Briatore, yet no action against Piquet Jr., as he 'fully co-operated in uncovering' the story. Does this mean he should have got away scot free, despite having his own mind and the ability to still say 'no'?


Cheating should not be condoned in any sport. It should be met with lifetime bans, massive fines, and criminal action if needs be. If we don't, there is a risk that the future sportsmen and sportswomen of this world will consider cheating okay, and that sporting competition is corrupt, and that's normal. We need to stamp out the cheats before it's far, far too late.


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Comment by redmisty on November 5, 2011 at 1:45

It just not cricket and it's not just cricket

^ haha, I like.


I think that cheating for personal profit (match fixing etc) is worse than cheating in an attempt to benefit the team (diving, etc). Both are forms of cheating and inexcusable but the former is worse than the latter imo. Partly for moral reasons but also because the former makes even more of a mockery of the sport than the latter. In theory, referees have the ability to deal with diving and it is fairly easy to spot (with replays etc). The authorities can retrospectively punish players if they ever bother to remove their fingers from their backsides. Diving is an attempt to cheat the officials. Match fixing cheats a player's own fans, colleagues, etc. That's worse imo.


Comment by WorldClass on November 3, 2011 at 13:03

I agreed with TCiR on LeTissier... there is no difference to what these lads did and what LeTissier did.


Neither of their actions are going to chance the result of a game,  but every one profits from being able to influence a small part of the game.


Now these lads have gone to jail, is it time the police knocked on Matts door... Yes. He's got zero defence.


Comment by thecityisred on November 3, 2011 at 10:53

The agent has got 2 years and eight months, Butt and has got 2 and a half years, Asif has got a year and Amir six months.


All of them will serve half of those sentences.

Comment by David O'Loughlin on November 3, 2011 at 10:29

Obviously cheating is bad but there are levels. Diving is cheating, but a lifetime ban for diving? It definitely needs some ban but within reason.


The cricket players bet on their own game, definitely lifetime ban. But there was nothing illegal about what Bryan Robson was doing, unethical, immoral maybe but not illegal. Clubs being bought and sold as assets to make a profit, it's not what football is all about but people trying to make money don't care.


Terry's racist comments (if true) are bad, but are they as detrimental to the sport as match fixing? Massive fine, 6 month ban and retire him from international duty.


As for Piquet Jr. you get into the real thick of it, Piquet Jr was pressurised by his bosses but he came forward and hurt his reputation and ability to continue in the sport . Was he right to crash? Hell no, but he deserves recognition for stepping up and saying it happened when it could have all been swept under the carpet.


There's just so many different layers to this matter, is there such a thing as big cheating or small cheating? How do you differentiate?


First things first, fines should be linked to wages and should be increased. A two week fine to a man on 50 grand a week seems like a lot but he'll still make 2.5 mill that year instead of 2.6. So how about a two month fine linked to wages. If you earn 100k a week you're fined 800k, and that money is ALL put into grassroots.

Bans need to be more consistent, Rio Ferdinand gets an 8 month ban for missing a test but others who fail a test get 6 months or less, another who missed a test got a fine.


If you miss a test and don't fulfill it within 48 hours, 8 month ban. If you do fulfill it in 48 hours 6 month ban.

If you fail for recretional drugs, 6 month ban, performance enhancing = a year.


If each sport stopped and made solid guidelines then punishment can be controlled. Instead every time an incident happens its chaos (Rooney swears on camera - 3 game ban, players swear at ref = 0 game ban).


Sport needs to get a grip because cheating IS happening every game/race etc and nothing is done.

Comment by thecityisred on November 3, 2011 at 9:50

There's also the question of Matt Le Tissier who admitted kicking a ball out for a throw in to fix a bet, it was all a laugh and a joke then, why not now?




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