When is a win not a win. And 1982 revisited

Saturday August 11 2012

Maghull 3-2 Edge Hill Boys  http://www.pitchero.com/clubs/maghullfootballclub/

Puzzled reporter needs specsavers.

Made it on time for once. Well, only two minutes late, thanks to Tony Blackburn, but that's another story.

Suprising start by the visitors, who, from a lot lower league, seemed to play like it was their cup final, not a warm up game. Some fiesty challenges thrown in early on and they even took a shock lead when "Peter Brady" snook in the box and lobbed a header into the top corner. 

Confusion reigned, well at least in my mind, when Edge Hill took a two goal lead, courtesy of a free kick deflected in. Now confirmed that the goal was disallowed for offside. A free kick and a kick off must now surely be on the "learn what the difference is" agenda. Oh well !

Some more hefty challenges culminated in Keiron Smith being withdrawn (for a wee while) to save any further animosity between himself and his erstwhile opponent, who seemed keen on introducing himself to Keirons jaw. 

The first half seemed to be ebbing away into a familiar dullness, when Marko Parvas woke up, took on a couple of defenders, broke clear into the box and kindly allowed the keeper to clatter him to the ground. Terry McDonald stepped up to send the keeper the wrong way and send the teams in level at the interval. Not behind, as I had informed Pauline while she was serving up some delicious scouse as refreshments. 

The second half got under way, with Maghull now showing some of that character we looked for,after Thursdays drubbing. They started to show they can play.

A couple of chances came and went before Keiron Smith (back on after his unintentional breather, a friendly remember) broke down the left and put a cracking ball into the box, for Jamie Blackhurst to head home.Though the marking was suspect to say the least. Level or ahead.. who cares, the game has swung Maghulls way and the difference between the teams was finally showing.

Good work down the right hand side between McDonald and Smith resulted in a ball played into the box for one of three to convert, Chris Nation duly netted and now Maghull really where in front, come what may. 

What should have been a procession, turned into a close ending, when Maghulls defence closed ranks and thought they where Dixon,Adams,Winterburn and Bould. Hands went up, Edge Hill played on, the ref kept whistle in his hand and a queue waited to tap home number two or was it three, for the visitors.

Hoping dearly for a much needed win, Maghull where urged on and it seemed the ref helped, when a hotly contested penalty was awarded. Marko Pravas, again the tormentor in chief, walked past a challenge and was then upended. Edge Hill claimed it was outside the box, the referee didn't. Terry McDonald stepped up, went the opposite way this time and saw the keeper make a fine save.

So yet again it ended up even... or did it ? No... a win at last !

The boys had played well, very well in patches. Still some issues at the back and some faith in Micheal O'Briens ability in the centre of the park will help them in the future. Keep the faith.. the squad has potential, just needs that little something to take them to the next level. Over to you Mike. 

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