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Let's Avoid another Loss at the Lane
39 Replies

OK so we all know that (of late) WHL hasn't been the best of happy hunting grounds for points. A bit too much drama and concession of late goals has been the hallmark of our last 3 visits, with the…Continue

Tags: Spurs, League, Premier, Liverpool

Started this discussion. Last reply by Im_Partial Sep 19, 2011.

Gerrard's Groin is Ready, Can the rest of him be far behind?
11 Replies

Gerrard's interview on the official site today is really positive, sounds like he's excited to get back to full training and match play, which is great to read. …Continue

Tags: Injury, Gerrard, Steven

Started this discussion. Last reply by Gerrez Sep 4, 2011.

50 Replies

Is it? I think so. Traditional curtain-raiser between the European Cup and UEFA Cup winners. Or Champions League v Europa League if you prefer. Barcelona v Porto New signings on both sides, and Porto…Continue

Started this discussion. Last reply by Im_Partial Aug 26, 2011.

Internationals - the scourge of club football?
1 Reply

Once again, we have a parade of managers bemoaning the international break for friendlies this week, only days before the start of the season. Steve Bruce is the latest to speak out. …Continue

Tags: ROI, Wales, Scotland, England, Friendly

Started this discussion. Last reply by rednecromancer Aug 9, 2011.


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Liverpool FC, AS Roma, LeopardTrek, Liquigas
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Love sport! Cheifly Football, Tennis and Cycling, but like to dabble in the waters of Cricket, Rugby Union, Athletics, Rowing and winter sport as well. Tired of the hate that goes on in some places just because of which football club you support.

"N'Gog is in my dream team"

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RIP Wouter Weylandt

Today we lost a rider from the peloton, and I'd like to pay tribute.


For those of you who don't follow cycling, the Giro d'Itlaia is currently winding its way around Italy. This is a 3-week bike race, a Grand Tour, much like the Tour de France.


Around 20k from today's Stage 3 finish, a young cyclist tragically lost his life whilst descending a climb. Medical teams were on the scene immediately, but were unable to revive him.


Walter was a young…


Posted on May 9, 2011 at 16:56 — 6 Comments

Sami - Good-bye to football from a Legend of the Game

2 short years after leaving LFC, the great Sami Hyypia will be hanging his boots up for good at the end of the current Bundesliga campaign.


He will apparently take on a coaching role with Leverkusen and the Finnish national…


Posted on May 2, 2011 at 22:12 — 7 Comments

Slap them. You know you want to!


I was reading yet another one of those 'My Perfect XI' lists recently that are so often a feature of websites or magazines.


You know the sort of thing, an all-time XI as selected by someone important. They may be from a single club, from a particular country or league, the most…


Posted on April 2, 2011 at 23:23 — 17 Comments

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At 8:40 on July 31, 2011, Schlinks said…
I do like my GJ's and Gingerbeer so I think we both know who I am 
At 13:01 on July 29, 2011, don'tgochangin said…
Really sorry to harp on at you but you made me feel welcome and Im really hurt and upset by the way ive been treated on here, i dont deserve it.  Please have a look at  the latest comments aimed at me by thecityisred on the 'do you miss 606' thread.  Im honestly really upset this personal attack shouldnt happen on a sports website its only talk on the internet but this really is gettin overly abusive and unecessary to what ive actually written anywhere on here. Again im really sorry that ive burdened you withthis here, you just seem a lovely person. Shall i just leave?
At 19:54 on July 21, 2011, don'tgochangin said…

Ive had the email I was expecting.  I had a really good discussion on the Annie Eaves thread (about LIVERPOOL CENTRAL DEFENDERS) with some really good Liverpool lads, have a look at it -  Im wary as to what to say on threads here anyway because I know big broither is watching literally everything, which is uncomfortable in itself Knowing theres no neutral moderation like on 606. The OP posted an abusive comment to a lad called El J ? and I posted this ' theres no need to be abusive'...(its been removed )    and hey presto an email 'warning' 


Are you really sure you like this website?  Is it fair that anyone who says anything in disagreement is hounded off? Im a really decent person, I was on 606 for a coupleof years quite happily.  look at my comments so far theres nothing wrong in any of them.  Well i will try and have another go but honestly sports witness have it infor me so im guessing this is it.  again thanks for being a decnet person with me

At 10:42 on July 20, 2011, don'tgochangin said…

Thanks Im_partial - it all seems a bit complicated to me after the easy way 606 ran. Im not technically savvy, for me push the wrong button and the screen know the kind of thing.  I left a post on the Wunter discussion (is that what they say on here rather than article) not feeling too good about htis place tbh. Just ahd an email that the Malaysia discussion has closed with this comment in my notification email **Hi, the thread you have just commented has been closed.
It's disappointing and unnecessary that you chose to continue the issue today as have other people on several days so we thought the best way to deal with it was to close it.**


Disappointing and unnecessary ???? is that the measure on here ...disagree with thecityisred and his inability to take it means the whole thing gets shut? I dont do swearing or insults, I try to be informative and bring points in (maybe videos) that I think will expand the discussion and it gets shut.


Sorry about the rant but first day out and I get me wings clipped...not a good way to run a website methinks!

At 22:42 on July 19, 2011, don'tgochangin said…

New today so not really sure how this all works.  Dont want to lead anyone astray so to let you know I am female, if you still want to be 'my friend'.


Didnot want to start a war on the Malysia thing hope I can add something on here if all replies are so aggressive may reconsider.


Oh and thanks for being my first 'friend' :)

At 20:12 on June 9, 2011, El Jeficito said…
Who the, what the, where the....etc etc
At 10:45 on June 6, 2011, Saintanton said…

Hi mate,

Thanks for the friend invite.

I'm a bit of a dodo myself when it comes to these sites- I don't know what half of these buttons do so if I seem to ignore you it's nothing personal.


At 21:17 on June 1, 2011, Shades Of Red said…
Oh haha that would make sense! Yeah, I do think that if I could criticize this site in one way (hope thecityisred isn't reading!) I would say it is the fact that you cannot easily see who has commented to your comments, because as you quite rightly said following the home screen is a risk as you can miss things, especially when the site gets more popular!
I'm sure we'll manage and find a way!
At 20:54 on May 31, 2011, Shades Of Red said…

Well hello there Im_Partial, I hope all is well my friend!

I just realised that you posted a comment on my wall a while back! I don't really check my profile and just look at the homepage for updates etc so have only just seen your comment, my apologies! And as it was so long ago I unfortunately don't know what you meant with your comment!

At 22:23 on April 28, 2011, SWEEET CARROLL 9 said…
& cheers for the ad aswel, were you on 606?


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