Buttner tells of Ferguson raging at Nani, Scholes and Rooney when he 'flips out'

Alexander Buttner is one of our favourite recent imports into the Premier League. His honesty in interviews hasn't yet been battered out of him and he still remains genuinely excited, and perhaps a little in awe, to be at Manchester United. He's spoken to Holland's Voetbal International magazine about his time with the club and how he's settling in and he's clearly impressed by most things, including Sir Alex Ferguson.

One of the things that has pleased Buttner the most is how Ferguson will shout at different players equally, regardless of status within the club and how long they've been there.

"I've never seen anyone so angry as he can be. Something which in the Netherlands is unprecedented, I swear. And what is so special is against whom he rages, everybody without distinction.

"It matters to him not a jot whether it's Rooney, Scholes or Nani. If he does not like it, he flips it full on. Especially if you're in the game, doing something wrong because you are tired. There he really hates it. At the last minute he is sharp."

Buttner doesn't say if he's been on the end of the worst from Ferguson yet and it shouldn't be mistaken that he dislikes the shouting or finds it anything other than great, like he feels about everything to do with the club. He feels he's been welcomed into such a huge team carefully and treated almost like a younger brother by some players which has helped him to settle, but the management and coaches have got him smiling too.

"The manager is a quantity that is not normal. He and assistant René Meulensteen talk much with me, and I feel that they trust me. Ferguson said last week that I have good development. He does not say that for nothing.

"I play against Cluj in the Champions League my sixth game for United in a few months time. I can not complain."

Buttner has had a big rise since he made the move to Manchester and on the day his transfer was confirmed the area where his family are from broke out into impromptu celebration and he's still got that feeling of joy and anticipation. 

"Two thousand men celebrated, with torches, fireworks, five folk singers and entertaining. I remember at the end of the day I came back yo Doetinchem. I knew a few friends had stayed out, but suddenly I saw everyone in the Kleintjes Camp on upside down, crazy. Everywhere I went, I was cuddled."

The left-back doesn't feel he's made it by any stretch of the imagination and is working hard to improve his game so that he can develop and make the most of his chances when they come along. He knows he needs to build on strength for the physical side of the Premier League and this is something that he's been working on with the club daily and he's happy to put in the extra hours.

"Everything here, everything is top arranged. And the approach is quite different. In the Netherlands, everyone goes home as soon as possible after a work-out. Here you are naturally motivated to do more. For me it is mostly strength training. In the beginning I was night and day in the weight room. It had to be. If you want to reach the level in England, you have to build muscle. Which I am now catching up with."

Even though he's heard Ferguson shouting at others and praising him, he still isn't entirely sure what the manager is always saying and sometimes just nods along in agreement but it's working well for him.

"Some people have a different dialect. When I lose the thread, I just say yes. With Ferguson I had that in the beginning sometimes. He spoke so fast, with a Scottish accent. I then nodded and usually got it right."

Buttner is a very open footballer and before that changes we're hopeful he'll squeeze in a few more interviews. 

We had this translated from this week's Votebal International which is available to buy from newsagents in Holland. 


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