OK so we all know that (of late) WHL hasn't been the best of happy hunting grounds for points.


A bit too much drama and concession of late goals has been the hallmark of our last 3 visits, with the dreaded 2-1 scoreline in vogue. 


Is this visit going to be any different? We're obviously in far better nick than we were this time last year, and with them being without Dawson and possbily King, who we know is excellent, so is this the day we'll sort them out and get the 'free' points? They did finally get off the bottom of the table last week with a good away win over Wolves, and we in turn lost narrowly to Stoke, so is the momentum with them? Have they recovered from the Modric melodrama? Did the trip to Greece with the youngsters give 'Arry an ache in his Athens?


How should we set up? Can we cope with their pace if they select Lennon and Bale?


I think we can win the battle in the midfield, and if Messers Carra and Skerts manage to avoid scoring an oggy, we should be able to get at least a point, assuming our finishing is a lot better than last week. Having said that, we need to go for the win, and not lose heart if we do fall behind - when was the last time we came back to win from a losing position, I can't remember back that far...




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Yes, just go up to Manchester, get some of Mrs. Kolo Toure's supplements, dye them pretty colours, and feed them to Martin like tic tacs.


As the young kids say, simples.

Do drugs have an effect on Skrtel...?

Only if they make him fail a random test, I suppose. ;)



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