Is it?


I think so. Traditional curtain-raiser between the European Cup and UEFA Cup winners.


Or Champions League v Europa League if you prefer.


Barcelona v Porto


New signings on both sides, and Porto lost their manager and some players, with others rumoured .


My money's on Barcelona, but I think it should be a good match.


Last year the Europa League won the day, with Atletico Madrid shocking European Champions Inter Milan.



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This would be much better if it toured rather than staying in Monaco.


Not that everyone knows it's in Monaco, was watching Rangers last night and they mentioned it and said the weather should be better in Spain for the game.



Correct me if I'm wrong - it's so they can have a big Uefa bun-fest with the CL and EL draws and this match, yes?



It's in Monaco 2 more times including tonight's game then it's being played in Prague in 2013.

Cheers mate, I didn't know.


Kleber, Rodriguez and Hulk up top for Porto.


That fella Messi, with Pedro and I suppose Villa for Barca.


By the way, Barca's new kit = ugly

Barca's kit is growing on me, the thinner stripes are a nice touch if you ask me...

Ah, that's what I don't like, I prefer fat stripes. ;)


But also, it seems as if the red bleeds into the blue, it's hard on the eyes for some reason.

yes, the thinness does mean the colours sort of mix together, and I actually prefer fat stripes too, I just meant it was a nice change, good to mix things up some years :)

I wonder how it will sell in comparison?


I wouldn't buy it anyway, won't have Qatar on my chest!

If this is a euphamism for something else, then I would definitely say big girls are best 


Thin stripes?


Or Super Cup?



LOL the  European Cup is bigger than Xavi.........

The pitch IS a bit rubbish, isn't it?





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