Is it?


I think so. Traditional curtain-raiser between the European Cup and UEFA Cup winners.


Or Champions League v Europa League if you prefer.


Barcelona v Porto


New signings on both sides, and Porto lost their manager and some players, with others rumoured .


My money's on Barcelona, but I think it should be a good match.


Last year the Europa League won the day, with Atletico Madrid shocking European Champions Inter Milan.



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Likewise. If there is one team that is (somewhat) set up to beat Barca, it could be Milan. Like City they often function with a high-lying powerfully built player for stopping opposition attacks in their own half.


Could be the difference...?

Possibly, they had the best defence in the league last year. Of course, they weren't facing the likes of Barcelona! But they did beat both Inter and Napoli, who were scoring for fun at various times...but they also had that ridiculous 4-4 with Udinese.


But yeah, with Thiago Silva in there, it should be a good match up.



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