Those damn Welshys, a day for Bovril and a stuck in the mud ref

Saturday 12th January 2013

Ashville 2-1 Maghull

Yes peeps, I am back. Have you missed me ?

Well let's get the trivial bit out of the way first. My track record of missing the first few minutes of each away game (I seem to remember doing that a lot in the 80's, around the country) came back to haunt me as a coach driver decided to ignore Mr angry policeman and offload his cluster of Swansea fans on Walton Road and thus stop some of us, on time people, from getting to our game on time. I am beginning to think that there is a conspiracy against me and that tunnel trip.

Nevertheless, I arrived to news that the first 5 minutes had elapsed goalless, from our very strong following, with our lads having the better of the opening exchanges.

This continued to be the case, as Maghull had the better of the first half hour. Though to be honest, we didn't exactly extend the home sides keeper. Half chances came and went, but generally offered more concern to the drivers of the cars parked behind the goal, than the opposition.

If Steve had kept some of his hair, he would have been pulling it out, when around the half hour mark, Ashville took the lead.

A nothing lob forward saw the defence split and as an Ashville forward went looking for glory he was brought down, just outside the box. Derek decided to take on the role of commentator extraordinaire, pointing out that the left footed number 7 (who had been the shining light in the opposition) had way too much room to place his shot, to all and sundry. His concerns where confirmed as the very same number 7 plonked his effort into the net. Mark Mawdsley did get his hand to it, but it wasn't exactly in the corner of the net. A slight glitch, shall we say.

The rest of the first half was played in the Ashville half, but still nothing came of the possession and half time was much needed, to get some gusto into the side.

Ashvilles kitchen girls got pummeled at the break, as hot drinks became the order of the day as the chill took it's toll on frozen fingers.

The second half started pretty much in the same way as the first. Lots of pressure, lots of possession but not much threat on goal. Though it has to be said that the Ashville keeper became their best defender, sweeping up and denying us a few chances of getting through the flat back four. A good cross by Lee Tynan gave Jamie Blackhurst a half chance and he did very well to loop a header over the keeper only for it to strike the top of the crossbar and out to safety.

The much needed impetus was now there for all to see. And Maghull looked threatening each time going forward. The conditions of icy cold weather seemed to do nothing to the pitch, which was like glue and very muddy. This shocker of a playing surface, showed that the lads passing game was all the better and I was impressed that they kept playing this way and did not resort to the route one style, more suited to less skillful sides.

Finally a breakthrough came, when some neat passing down the left side found aforementioned Blackhurst at the far post. His strike found the net, via the keepers desperate lunge with his feet. Surely the winner was only a matter of time away.

But we switched off.

Bizarrely, the goal gave Ashville some uplift, coupled with us losing players from centre midfield and centre back through injury, which really upset our momentum.

A 10 minute spell saw the hosts up the pace and 10 minutes from time they actually took the lead. Mark Mawdsleys angles let him down again as an Ashville sub slotted the ball past him after breaking into the box. The shock result was on.

The game swung back Maghulls way, though to be fair, a couple of long punts out of defence very nearly saw us lose a third as we pressed forward to try and take the game to extra time.

We thought we had cracked it in time added on, when Lee Tynan, who had turned his opponents blood inside out in a top performance, was pushed to the floor inside the box. One of those decisions that would have been given anywhere else on the pitch, but in the box, the ref bottled it. He waved play on and the last remnants of a good performance fritted away into a horrid defeat.

Plenty to be happy with, about the performance. We just need that little bit of luck, that we so badly lack this season.

Next game : Heswall home Saturday January 19th kick off 2pm
Everyone welcome.

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